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Does the idea of being on camera scare you?

camera confidence Jul 30, 2021

Confidence. The elusive charismatic ingredient that all great leaders and on screen personalities seem to exude and yet… It often feels like it’s the one thing that feels impossible to find, tap into, access #allthethings.

But there is good news - Camera confidence is something you can learn! Just because you don’t feel confident today, doesn’t mean you won’t ever feel confident on camera.

So, here are my top 5 tips to take you from camera shy to confident and charismatic!

💕 Plan, Practice and Prepare - The more you can do these things the more your confidence will soar. When you know your subject matter and you physically practice it, your body begins to remember what to do and it no longer feels foreign.

💕  Know Your Angle - If you know how you want to sit or stand you can practice that positioning and all of a sudden feel at ease when the camera is on. Posture and body language is important so take your time with this one. 

💕 Check Your Focus - Smile, breathe and practice looking down the lens. This one will serve you well.

💕 Capture Your Audience - Look at the camera as though it's your ideal client or even a friend. This can help keep you engaging and natural in your delivery.

💕 Dress For Success - How you FEEL on camera matters and oftentimes that comes down to the way we feel about ourselves. Get dressed up! Look your best the same as you would in front of a client. It really helps you deliver in a confident way.

Ultimately, in life and on camera confidence comes down to a certain level of assuredness in what you’re doing and repetition helps you achieve that. Keeping promises to yourself also helps you trust yourself on a deeper level. If you say you’ll do it, do it. If you need to practice, practice. Show up for yourself and watch your confidence grow.

And if you would like more help, you can download my FREE short course to get you confident on camera.

Stay Camera Confident,
Rebecca x



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