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Virtual Webinars.

My webinars have been designed to drive online learning and engagement through dynamic virtual delivery.

  • Get Camera Confident: Everything you need to know to feel confident on camera for virtual meetings and presentations. In this webinar we’ll cover presenting basics, framing + eye-lines, dressing for camera, overcoming on camera nerves and hacks for keeping your audience engaged.

  • Make Your Mark Online: How to share your message with impact and authenticity. Develop your own on camera style and discover your unique messaging.
  • Nailing DIY Video: Putting the skills of video creation into the hands of someone with a powerful message worthy of sharing - you. If you’re looking to DIY your video content this webinar will give you fundamental expert training in equipment, filming, audio, lighting + editing.
  • The Power Of Visual Impact: Tools and tricks for multi-purposing your videos and staying on top of your social content demands.
  • Video Amplification 101: There’s no point in making content if you’re not going to get eyeballs on it. In this webinar we’ll show you how to upload your videos to all social platforms for maximum visibility and traction.
  • 3, 2, 1... GO LIVE: Creating live content is the most important, yet the most daunting of all. In this webinar I’ll show you how to plan, stream and engage with live content across Facebook, Instagram + LinkedIn.

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"You did a brilliant job at bringing enthusiasm and energy to the webcon, and the feedback from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you!"

"“You were very generous with your information and tips, thank you Rebecca.”

“Great quality in regards to sound, image, questions and follow up – I look forward to receiving your downloads!”

“The video content from Rebecca really added to the experience and engagement. I personally push a little to stay engaged with audio and slides only.”

“Thank you I'm new to this area and I found the information very resourceful and interested in learning more.”


I frequently take to the stage and talk about:

  • Influence in the Digital Space: Understanding how, why and where video content should be used within your business
  • The Power of Visual Impact: Tools and tricks for staying on top of the social content demand.
  • Entrepreneurship: Unlocking your passion, creativity and courage to realise your dreams and make the money you deserve.
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"From the moment Rebecca Saunders took the stage, it was obvious she was a natural speaker. She was at ease on the stage and immediately captured the attention of nearly 200 people in the room. She delivered practical, useable and digestible information our audience was able to implement straight away to help them create effective video for social media. I would recommend Rebecca as a speaker without hesitation."

Alecia Hancock
Hancock Creative


Confusion to Clarity – Video Discovery Deep Dive.
We are living in an increasingly competitive world. The marketing landscape has changed dramatically, and will forever continue to do so. I want to help you get cut through, drive growth and have visual impact.

If you're ready to play at the next level, and take your understanding of video from reactive to strategic, then this workshop is for you. Quite simply, Confusion to Clarity is vital for innovation, creation and strategic impact.

In this workshop you will:

  • Understand how the video production process really works.
  • Discover how video content can be used and how to set video budgets.
  • Learn and identify video production opportunities to drive business growth.
  • Understand the importance of being agile and strategically multi-purposing your video content.
  • Build the foundations of a strong, strategic video strategy.

Ultimately I'll take the stress out of video production for your entire organisation, give you production experience and provide you with the support you need to build strong foundations and use video strategically.

Making Your Mark – Building Personal Influence.
Video is dramatically changing the way we market. You can no longer afford to 'dabble' with this medium. It's time to be real, to be authentic and to build genuine experience and emotional connection with both brand and message.

This hands-on workshop is designed to give you the tools and skills you need to build your personal influence online and stay on top of the social content demand.

In this workshop we will:

  • Discover your unique messaging and how to share it with video.
  • Create a solid video content plan that will ensure your video content makes your brand soar online.
  • Overcome on-camera nerves and build your on camera personality.
  • Learn how to multi-purpose your video, photographic and written content across endless mediums.

You'll leave this workshop with a solid video plan, and the tools you'll need to leverage it!


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