"The perfect speaker to help create and spark amazing dialogue"

As an inspirational and motivational speaker I'm regularly booked to deliver keynote presentations and workshops for offsite retreats, global conferences and  organisation initiatives.

My most popular keynote presentations and workshops are listed below, but I'm always happy to develop a keynote or workshop according to your specific needs and objectives.

Together we can ensure your event achieves it's objectives.
One that sparks courageous conversation. One that has impact. 

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When emceeing or hosting an event it's my job to let the guests shine.

I'll do everything in my power to entertain the crowd, make your presenters or guests comfortable and ensure everyone has a great time.

Whether it's a dinner, a lunch, a conference or an event - you can count on me to always bring energy, add a touch of humour and throw in some sparkle.

I'm available as an Emcee or Host at events globally, both virtually and in-person.

"Thank you for MC'ing and the Q&A! You totally put me at ease, felt like I was chatting to a friend (plus 180 other friends.) Oh - also thank you for going easy on the questions!! I'm so bad at thinking on my feet" - Nagi Maehashi, RecipeTin Eats

"'Mudgee Readers' Festival recently engaged Rebecca Saunders to facilitate / MC our 'Lazy Long Lunch' at Blue Wren Farm. With over 170 people in attendance, and Nagi Maehashi ‚ÄĒ the New York Times' bestselling author of¬†RecipeTin Eats: Dinner‚ÄĒheadlining, we needed someone who could entertain the crowd, keep the event running smoothly, and be an appropriate facilitator for a conversation with Nagi.

It's fair to say Rebecca Saunders was an excellent choice for the job. She was funny and entertaining; everyone in the room was hanging from her every word. When it came time to interview Nagi, Rebecca asked the right questions, always ensuring that Nagi was the focus of the conversation.

We received many compliments from Long Lunch attendees who thought Rebecca made a very tricky job look easy! If you're looking for someone who's great to work with, and to do a wonderful job as an MC, I couldn't recommend Rebecca more highly."

Rhys Gard
Mudgee Readers Festival



Turn your uniqueness into your superpower

In this keynote Rebecca shares her inspirational journey of entrepreneurship as a hair-free alopecian.

From arriving in Sydney with her passport, $500 and a dream; to building a 7-figure business during a global pandemic - Rebecca shares the ups and downs of betting on yourself in order to build a business that supports a life by design.

After 25 years of wearing wigs, Rebecca includes her decision making process for stepping out as her true, bald self - and what that’s meant for her, her business and her community.

This keynote will have you expanding your thinking, dreaming BIG and knowing that anything Is possible. You’ll leave this keynote feeling inspired, motivated and full of self-confidence.

For maximum impact, this keynote is best suited to an offsite retreat environment.

"Rebecca was the perfect speaker to help create and spark amazing dialogue at our retreat event! It was so important to me to have a speaker with a story my clients could relate to, yet be surprised by. 

She was captivating and our attendees felt inspired and enlightened by the sharing of her story and I KNOW they left the room feeling like they had grown, changed their mindset and expanded in their visions. 

Gone are the days when we hire a generic speaker to fill a slot - Rebecca is the antithesis to boring and uninspired speakers with a powerpoint they've read a hundred times. My audience were interactive, asked questions, related and created an expansive ongoing discussion that carried on far past the speaking engagement itself, into dinner and beyond for the rest of the gathering. 

Rebecca is the perfect speaker if you are looking for content that will not only hold the attention of the room but leave a lasting impression that truly impacts the actions, vision and thoughts of your audience for a long time to come!"

Nicola Wilkes
Seriously Stylish Business




As women we don't celebrate ourselves, our achievements and our milestones enough - and that's got to change.

For Rebecca, it all started with 6 bottles of Vueve Cliquot and a packed of pink Post-it's - yes really! 

In this keynote she shares the story of how she puts her goals onto post-it notes, sticks them on bottles of her favourite champagne and put the bottles in the fridge. Every time she opens the fridge her goals are at the forefront of her mind, and every time one is achieved it's time to celebrate.

A simple ritual which has seen her celebrate big milestones, small goals and personal achievements - and a proven framework that gives your audience permission to celebrate, be proud and "be enough".

This keynote is a much needed breath of fresh-air. A reminder to pause and celebrate, rather than keep striving for the next and overlooking the achievements along the way.

You'll leave this keynote feeling invigorated, energised and connected.

Oh, and if you really want to connect with your audience then I can organise miniature bottles of bubbles, customised labels and post-it notes.

"As a keynote speaker, Rebecca brings a deep authenticity to events. Our experience was one of inspiration, motivation and sincere emotion and connection. Rebecca was truly engaging in every sense. She is 'one of the people' and that's what resonated most". 
Katherine Toates
The Marketing Department 




The demand for video, virtual meetings and virtual events isn’t going anywhere, It’s time to up your game, step into the spotlight and own your spot on the small screen.

The challenges of a constantly shifting landscape requires business owners and employees to overcome their camera fears, find confidence in technology and start thinking differently when it comes to virtual delivery. 

In this presentation Rebecca shares industry secrets and confidence hacks to ensure everyone always looks their best on screen and stays calm, collected and confident in front of the camera. 

You will leave this keynote with a roadmap for stepping outside of comfort zones and stepping up to present like a boss on screen. You will leave knowing how to dress you and your room to look and sound professional. You will leave knowing how and when to use slides on a virtual presentation. And you take home my 6 no-fail hacks to feeling confident and calm in front of the camera.

"Rebecca lights up the screen! She embodies her brand and her message with perfect presentation and clear accessible content delivery, and she's fun! She hit the sweet-spot between professional and easy-going, and doing so gave our beginners cohort the confidence that we could create our own engaging content with the skills and resources at our disposal."

Will Tait
Future Crunch

"I was blown away by how generously Rebecca shared her wisdom with my Wing Woman Group. Her tips and hacks were so implementable - little tweaks that we could start putting into action straight away. I loved seeing everyone's faces in those mike-drop moments (pun intended!) when they realised how uncomplicated it could be.If you are looking for an engaging, knowledgeable supporter to help you build your confidence, Rebecca is the woman to have in your corner."

Michelle Broadbent
Business Strategist

"From the moment Rebecca took the stage, it was obvious she was a natural speaker. She was at ease on the stage and immediately captured the attention of nearly 200 people in the room. She delivered practical, useable and digestible information our audience was able to implement straight away. I would recommend Rebecca as a speaker without hesitation."

Alecia Hancock
Hancock Creative - Change The World

Want Rebecca as a guest on your podcast?

As a post-it note loving, champagne drinking, hair-free alopecian and serial entrepreneur I LOVE bringing the goods to podcasts around the world and sharing my 11 years of business experience, my story of life with alopecia and my hacks for making your uniqueness your superpower to help inspire and get results.

I do have limited time for guest podcasts though, so if you'd like to have me on your show please click the link below and tell me a little bit more about you, your show and what you want to talk about.

Request Rebecca for your podcast here.

"You did a brilliant job at bringing enthusiasm and energy to the webcon, and the feedback from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you!"

“Great quality in regards to sound, image, questions and follow up – I look forward to receiving your downloads!”

“The video content from Rebecca really added to the experience and engagement. I personally push a little to stay engaged with audio and slides only.”

“You were very generous with your information and tips, thank you Rebecca."


“Thank you I'm new to this area and I found the information very resourceful and interested in learning more.”


At 22, Rebecca booked a one-way ticket to Sydney and with little more than her laptop and just $500 in her pocket she boarded that plane to make her dreams a reality.

With little money but determined to make her new hometown work, Rebecca did whatever she could to make ends meet, and after a year of rejection letters and polite ‘No’s’ for full time, sponsored employment, Rebecca decided the only way for her to stay and get her Permanent Residency was if she started her own business and sponsor herself.

And so, her first production company, Deli Agency was born, signing global networking behemoth, LinkedIn as its first client!

Fast forward a decade and her namesake production company operates worldwide across Australia, New Zealand, UK and the USA.

When Covid hit, Rebecca knew, once again, failure wasn’t an option, and whilst the video industry crumbled she transformed her business and hit the 7 figure mark for the first time!

In a truly incredible coming of age tale, the pandemic turned out not to be purely just a professional success for Rebecca - after 25 years wearing a wig she decided that she was ready to reveal herself to the world, live an authentic life and lean into her own uniqueness!

Rebecca now talks on global stages about crafting self confidence, life with alopecia and making your uniqueness your superpower.

"Rebecca shared so much knowledge and experience with our members which would be put into practice almost instantly, she was both engaging and informative. 
Rebecca ran the session perfectly, allowing time for her to present the information along with plenty of time for questions at the end. Throughout the "show" she utilised all the virtual tools she talked about which allowed all attendees to see these skills and tips in action right away.

I would highly recommend Rebecca to lead any Virtual Experience either for a small group or large team. She is a passionate and engaging presenter and an asset to any individual or team to learn from."

Lydia Wong