Everything you need to know to create professional video content for your brand.

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Too many people start creating video content only to learn along the way that they could have achieved better results had they known more of the tips and tricks earlier on. Others get started but never get their videos out into the world because they run into problems they never saw coming… 

What is missing from most video training is the experience and expertise across all of the elements video content development. If you are looking to D.I.Y. your video content, you need training that brings together specialists in strategy, planning, filming and audio from the people who can explain everything you need to know, in easy-to-follow language.

If you are a...

  • Business Owner
  • Marketer
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Thought Leader
  • Individual who wants to produce video content in-house

Who is...

  • Not getting the market cut-through you'd like
  • Ready to start consistently publishing video content
  • Wanting to put out high quality video content
  • Wanting to get video production underway
  • Needing to setup your video production process the right way from the very start

Then DIY Video Masterclass is for you!

The DIY Video Masterclass will guide you through how to:

Invest in the correct equipment.
Ensure high quality video content.
Frame, light + set your video shoot.
Produce quality, professional video consistently.
Avoid common production + editing mistakes.

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Does this sound like you?

I'm not confident about being on camera...
If the though of being on camera is daunting, consider the result of not taking action. Will it be the way you looked or sounded on camera that stopped you from winning business or will it have been the inaction of not making yourself of your business more visible online?

I have no time. Where will I fit this in?
Video isn't going anywhere. Google, Facebook + LinkedIn are all prioritising it, so the need to swiftly move into video is more significant than ever. The DIY Video Masterclass will take about 30 minutes of your time per week, which equates to only 6 minutes per day... which is totally do-able for anyone who understands the immense impact of video now and the near future.

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