Hi there, I'm Rebecca. A flawless, fearless, and fabulous crusader empowering business influencers and thought leaders with everything they need to purposefully create cutting-edge video content...which in this digital age video is the fastest way to build trust, convey credibility, and amplify your purpose in a fiercely competitive attention economy.

My love of the small screen stated early when I was lucky enough to land a PR internship and negotiate a client's handbag onto the set of hit TV show Gossip Girl.

In 2012, I moved to Australia with little more than my passport, a laptop and a dream. Fast forward, and over the past 10 years I have built a nationwide production company 'Deli Agency', opened ‘Pyrmont Studio’ and launched my flagship online course 'The Video Academy'.

Described by my clients as a 'Video Ninja', I'm a sought after video strategist and producer who builds brands through impactful video and live virtual events.

I have created video for global brands like Microsoft, LinkedIn, Hitachi and Zoom, through to local councils, not-for-profits and well-known thought leaders, speakers + business owners.

Through consulting, speaking and video production services I work with my clients to build online visibility, stay relevant and drive ROI. 

I am a video expert, visual impactor, video strategist and entrepreneur with a passion for building brands with visual impact.

Oh, and for a bit of fun in 2018 I co-produced independent Australia feature film 'Reaching Distance'.



Fun Fact #1

My love of the small screen started early. I was lucky enough to land a PR intern job after uni and in a short period of time I was able to negotiate a client’s handbag onto the set of the hit TV show, Gossip Girl.

The thrill of that moment – seeing my product on screen – cemented the huge impact small screens have on revenue.

Fun Fact #2

In 2017, David Fairhurst came to me and said “Becca, I've written a feature film and I wondered if you'd like to produce it". The Deli Agency wouldn't exist today without David's continued support and skills, so my answer was an undoubtable yes.

Quite frankly the entrepreneur in me thought “how hard can it be – let's make a movie!" 
Turns out it's a lot of work!

Fun Fact #3

You may notice from time to time that my hair colour changes a lot. Since the age of 7 I’ve had alopecia universalis. Having this condition impacts only one thing – my hair – and it means I don’t have any hair anywhere! It took decades for me to build the courage to be openly public about it both professionally and personally. 

Learning to be confident in my own skin has been life-changing.






Watch my movie...

A cynical man with a photographic memory follows his sister's killer onto a bus and soon finds the lines between past and present have blurred.
Initial release: October 2018
Director: David Fairhurst
Screenplay: David Fairhurst
Producers: David Fairhurst, Kayne Taylor, Rebecca Saunders
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