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I am a Video Strategist.
With a background in journalism and digital marketing, I spread my wings into video when I founded Deli Agency in 2012. This allowed me to master the filming and editing process, research best practices and become a key partner in growing other's businesses through video. I have first-hand experience in:

  • utilising video for businesses and brands, 
  • maximising both time + budget in production,
  • crafting successful video strategies for business growth, and 
  • building agile and professional video production teams.

I'm passionate about working with individuals, agencies, corporations and not-for-profits as they venture on their video pathway to significant business growth through strategic, visual impact.

I am an Entrepreneur.
Quite simply a passionate go-getter with sparkle, energy and pizzazz. I have the ability to work anywhere, strike up a conversation with a stranger and turn ideas into reality.

Back in 2012 I arrived in Australia with nothing more than my passport, $500 and a dream. I pursued curiosity, followed my passions and have built the business and life of my dreams. Today I’m the founder of 3 businesses: Deli AgencyThe Vlog School + Pyrmont Studio; am considered one of Australia’s leading video strategists and have produced an independent, self-funded Australian feature film. 


I am an Alopecian.
You may have noticed from the pictures on this website that my hair colour changes a lot… well since the age of 7 I’ve had alopecia universalis. Having this condition impacts only one thing – my hair – and it means I don’t have any hair anywhere!

It took decades for me to build the courage to be openly public about it both professionally and personally. Being confident in my own skin has been life-changing, and I have a personal mission to support and build confidence in young women with alopecia. If you know one, please connect us.



I am a Studio Guardian.
My team and I quite literally saved Pyrmont Studio from demolition (aka being turned into offices). The studio is the last remaining fully sound-proofed video studio in Pyrmont’s old Fox Sports Studio Building. 

Resources such as this studio are few and far between for the video industry, so we fully renovated the space and made it Sydney’s most affordable, soundproof studio hire space in Sydney for both video and photography. The studio space is located within WOTSO Workspace, and is home to our business, so there’s always a member of the crew on hand to assist during hire.



I am a Film Producer.
In 2017, David Fairhurst (Deli Agency's Head of Production) came to me and said “Becca, I've written a feature film and I wondered if you'd like to produce it". The Deli Agency wouldn't exist today without David's continued support and skills, so my answer was an undoubtable yes. Quite frankly the entrepreneur in me thought “how hard can it be – let's make a movie!"

It turns out that making a feature film is bloody hard work, and even more so when you're self-funding the venture. Between myself and David we co-funded the production of the film (ensuring everyone on set was paid!) and set about on the journey of our first feature film.

Following the story of Logan, a cynic with a photographic memory, as he follows his sister's killer onto a nightrider bus and uncovers he has a complex past with much more than one passenger when time and space begins to fracture; our feature film Reaching Distance launched in select cinemas in 2018 and has screened at festivals globally, including America, Australia and the UK. We are currently working with our Sales Agent for global distribution.


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