Why I've chosen to pivot AFTER the pandemic

Why I've chosen to pivot AFTER the pandemic

podcast video know how Oct 04, 2022

The episode today is a solo episode to share where I’m at, as well as reveal a new and very different string I’m adding to my bow!


I’m recording from New York City, where I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone and travelling solo for a week. I’ve just spent an incredible week in Hawaii with one of my business mentors, and am about to jump into another business retreat in Spain, as well as catching up with friends and family in the UK.


2022 has been a jam packed year - I share what I’ve been up to, and how I’ve been able to kick some pretty serious business and personal life goals, all while running my video production seamlessly.


Now, I’m listening to what every bone in my body is telling me to do, and that is to help other video business owners become successful in their video businesses. Lights. Camera. PROFIT! is a 6 week business accelerator for videographers.


I have successfully built my business from 0 to seven figures in the middle of a pandemic, the complete opposite to almost every other video business owner. I share how my love of systems, automation and laser sharp focus on the business side of things has enabled me to do this.


This course is essentially sharing my secret sauce with my competitors. I share why I want to do this, and what is fueling my passion for this next project.


I also reveal with you what the program will look like, and how it will enable other video business owners to build six future and multi-six figure businesses!


I’m super excited about this next journey and sharing my knowledge with the world, and I am so grateful that you're tuning in, supporting my video business and my vision. I know you’ll feel inspired after listening to this episode and, if you're a video business owner that wants to level up, I hope you’ll join me on this journey.



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