Why I've chosen to pivot AFTER the pandemic


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The episode today is a solo episode to share where I’m at, as well as reveal a new and very different string I’m adding to my bow!


I’m recording from New York City, where I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone and travelling solo for a week. I’ve just spent an incredible week in Hawaii with one of my business mentors, and am about to jump into another business retreat in Spain, as well as catching up with friends and family in the UK.


2022 has been a jam packed year - I share what I’ve been up to, and how I’ve been able to kick some pretty serious business and personal life goals, all while running my video production seamlessly.


Now, I’m listening to what every bone in my body is telling me to do, and that is to help other video business owners become successful in their video businesses. Lights. Camera. PROFIT! is a 6 week business accelerator for videographers.


I have successfully built my business from 0 to seven figures in the middle of a pandemic, the complete opposite to almost every other video business owner. I share how my love of systems, automation and laser sharp focus on the business side of things has enabled me to do this.


This course is essentially sharing my secret sauce with my competitors. I share why I want to do this, and what is fueling my passion for this next project.


I also reveal with you what the program will look like, and how it will enable other video business owners to build six future and multi-six figure businesses!


I’m super excited about this next journey and sharing my knowledge with the world, and I am so grateful that you're tuning in, supporting my video business and my vision. I know you’ll feel inspired after listening to this episode and, if you're a video business owner that wants to level up, I hope you’ll join me on this journey.


Topics discussed:

[00:35]: This is a rather special, solo episode. I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone and am spending a week in NYC solo.

[1:35]: I’ve just finished up a business retreat in Hawaii with one of  my mentors Tina Tower - it was big picture thinking and spending time with like-minded business owners. Loved it!

[2:03]: Next week I’m headed to Majorca, Spain, for Nikki Wilkes Seriously Stylish Business business retreat. Then I’m off to the UK to catch up with clients, friends and family.

[2:51]: I chose NYC because it’s where a number of  women I met on Necker Island are, and I love the vibe. But - it takes every ounce of my inner strength to not freak out about being in a new place by myself.

[4:14]: I am also adding a different string to my business - it’s hugely different from everything else I’ve done.

[4:55]: I’m listening to what every bone in my body is telling me to do, and that is to help other video business owners become successful in their video business.

[5:24]: The video production business I’ve built lovingly over the last decade to operate in four different countries is still alive and thriving and I love it. It runs on systems that enable our team to run and produce content seamlessly.

[6:09]: Email templates, pricing packages that are super easy for our clients to understand, emails and processes that enable us to create and send briefing documents, call sheets, reviews, internal project management. All the things I’ve put in place I’ve packaged up and it will be part of my program. I know this is needed and wanted.

[6:55]: My husband questioned - why would I want to give my competitors my secret sauce? There is plenty of work to go around, I am happy to share and I want to see other people thrive.

[7:39]: This enables me to have a much bigger impact - the ripple effect moving forward will be phenomenal.

[9:00]: I am business oriented in my mind-set, however I can see how videographers, being creatives at their core, can tie themselves in knots. I know I can have a huge impact.

[9:57]: Looking back on this past year - I have married, honeymooned in Fiji, had the privilege of meeting Sir Richard Branson and some incredible women, purchased my dream home, bought a puppy into our world.

[10:52]: Throughout all of that, as a team we have consistently produced and delivered incredible videos for our clients. We have filmed and edited hundreds of videos, all totally different, no cookie cutter content.

[11:29]: My business has enabled me, my team, and my clients to live incredible lives and make a huge impact.

[12:03]: If COVID has flagged anything, it’s that we’ve have had a buffer to carry through. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a pandemic to need this buffer. The ‘what ifs’ are often overlooked.

[12:46]: Have you got the buffer to make sure that you’re going to be ok? Have you got the systems in place to ensure balls don’t get dropped? Have you got boundaries in place to ensure that you’re not getting overwhelmed and stressed out?

[13:20]: I took my business from 0 at the beginning of COVID to seven figures in a pandemic. This is the complete opposite to almost every other person in the video industry. If I can do it in a pandemic, I know I can teach you how to get it to the six figure mark, following the same process.

[13:57]: If you’re a videographer who would like to build a business that gives you more money and learn how to run your business better head over to rebeccasaunders.com and come join me.

[14:12]: Six weeks - six live coaching calls with attached video modules, tutorial and plug and play systems. It’s going to be the best.

[14:38]: I’m super excited about this next journey and sharing my knowledge with the world, and I am so grateful that you're tuning in and listening, supporting my video business, my vision and that you’re sharing this podcast with people you know it will have an impact on.



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