Where to use video in a online course launch?

video know how Sep 01, 2022

Over the past few years I’ve live launched my signature online course The Video Academy™️ multiple times, and in that time I’ve developed a checklist of the videos needed to make it a success.

No, I’m not just talking about the videos inside your course - I’m talking about the videos you need to market your online course!

And so today I’m sharing with you my video checklist for a live launch success.


Here we go…


Promo Video
This is the video that sits on the landing page for your online course.

A promo video should contain elements of inspiration and a level of FOMO. And because video is visual you can SHOW people the lifestyle element of being what they themselves are aspiring to be. 


Top Tip:  Knowing how to shoot footage - particular b roll - and edit (or having a team member who can edit) is crucial for this video if you want it to have impact.


These are a fabulous way to educate your audience - and they’re great to help build your list!

They require a little know-how of Zoom (or another webinar platform) in order to facilitate them - and if you play your cards right you can record them and then use them if you decide to take your course evergreen!


Live Streams
Daily live streams during a live launch week are a really good way of engaging your audience and providing up front value. Schedule it into your calendar, find a quiet room that’s carpeted (for quality audio) and you can virtually go live straight from your phone! 


Things get a little more techy if you want to stream to multiple platforms at once (like I do) but it really is a low barrier to entry to begin with.


Instagram Stories/Feed video - This goes without saying that you need to market your course whether that’s through Stories (which are on nearly every platform these days) or through feed videos which are required on every platform too. 


Countdown/Pre launch video
If you have a course coming for the first time this is a great way to build anticipation. It could be anything from a simple animation in canva to something more elaborate. Keep it short and punchy, and if possible direct people to join your waitlist as a CTA.


Thank You video

This is one of my favorites - a little thank you video on the landing page after checkout makes a world of difference to the experience of your customer. Welcome them, thank them for joining you and remind them to join the Facebook Group (if you have one)


And then last but not least…


The Course Itself
Naturally you are going to want to present a polished and professional video that communicates the value of what people are getting through the effort you’ve put in by putting them together. 


Many people make the mistake of ‘faking it til they make it’ here. My problem with this is that perception is reality. If you are perceived to have put in little effort on the content side, whether or not your content is excellent, it may simply get lost in the fact that the way its put together is distracting and disappointing.


Don’t skimp on this step.

As you can see, video is imperative to every step of the journey in your course launch and you don’t want to miss out on bringing in students because you didn’t communicate the way that they consume.


To round out this week I want to highlight some incredible people and their brands to give you some inspiration and context for videos that have been created for the purposes of launching.


Denise Duffield Thomas has this fabulous brand-style video that she created for her 5 day challenge that was the precursor to the launch of the full course itself.


The incredible Tina Tower also used video here to launch her program ‘Empire Builders’


Come with me as I go left of field for a minute and look at a recent celebrity launch - SKKN by Kim Kardashian. Yes, she is a billionaire and therefore has all of the resources in the world at her fingertips but I wanted to show you this for two reasons.  The first is to drive home how essential video is to launching and secondly,  to provide you with a different style of video to inspire you to think differently about how you can present yourself and put together a story to share with your audience.


If you KNOW you need to get serious about the video for your online course check out my Online Course Video Packages or book in for a FREE CLARITY CALL.



Stay camera confident!

Rebecca xx

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