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camera confidence leadership video know how Aug 13, 2021

Personal question, have you ever met someone who tells you their grand plans… but they never seem to ever execute on them?

What about those friends of yours who desire to speak on big stages… but don’t ever put content (or video) on social media for people to find them? 

Or the ones who never finish the creative project they’ve been working on for months…

Sounds familiar right?

The thing is they’re all hiding.

This isn’t a shame game because we all hide at times - myself included. I’m saying this because if any of the above rings true to you, I’m here to call you up on it and push you forward. You see, sometimes we need someone to tell us we’re hiding to recognise that that’s exactly what we’re doing.

It happens to the best of us and if you’re anything like me you thrive on accountability. You love when someone can see the areas where you can absolutely step into a better version of yourself. It’s not offensive - it’s enlarging. It’s motivating!

So... that’s what I want to do today. I want to point you in the direction of where you could be if you dared to be a little more visible.

I know you have a deep bank of knowledge.

I know you are helping people every day.

I know you have a shining personality.

But you’re not showing up and standing in the spotlight...because it’s uncomfortable. Not everyone wants the spotlight, I know. You don’t have to love the limelight but if you truly think about the people you want to serve, they need to be able to see you which means you need to be visible.

Ask yourself...

Why am I staying small?

Why am I avoiding emailing my list?

Why am I not consistently posting on social media?

Am I shying away from live streaming because of fear?

Am I putting off that YouTube channel?

Do I have my foot on the brake of the podcast I deeply desire to do?

This is your green light to throw aside your perfectionist ideals, your fears and take action on your visibility!

If you want new relationships, to deepen relationships, to build your email list, to fill your programs, to attract speaking engagements and collaborative opportunities - you first need to be visible.

Help your people find you and make it an easy ‘yes’. 

Shine the light on yourself so you can be seen in order to be heard.

Your community needs the help you have readily available.

So tell will you be more visible today? 

Shine Bright.
Rebecca x

PS. If you're in lockdown and want to up your visibility game with live polished virtual events, I created a short and comprehensive course for your to get you up and running and nailing those lives! Find out more here. 

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