Seeking Out Rockstar Advisors

Seeking Out Rockstar Advisors

podcast Aug 30, 2022

My guest today is Lorraine Murphy - an award-winning entrepreneur, best-selling author and speaker.


Lorraine believes in actively creating the life we want. She encourages us to cultivate our own self-belief, be constantly committed to self-improvement, seek out rockstar advisers and have our shit together.


Lorraine’s business journey is so inspiring. After studying neuro-linguistic programming she successfully grew her first public relations business from her spare bedroom to a $1 million enterprise. Lorraine is now working in her second ‘soul on fire’ business. - writing, speaking, and mentoring, alongside launching a powerful new coaching program, Bold Darling.


Rockstar advisors, like business and energy coaches as well as mentees, have been absolutely key to Lorraine’s success across her entrepreneurial journey. She shares with us where she finds these rockstar advisors and how she ensures they will be a fit, energy and values wise.


Her first business coach was a significant investment but, as Lorraine shares with us, this kind of assistance effectively gives you a 10 year head start.


Lorraine shares with us what success is for her, and how a pyramid ascension model has been key for both her business and the advisors she works with.


I know you’ll love this episode - dive in for some gold nuggets!



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