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My guest today is Lorraine Murphy - an award-winning entrepreneur, best-selling author and speaker.


Lorraine believes in actively creating the life we want. She encourages us to cultivate our own self-belief, be constantly committed to self-improvement, seek out rockstar advisers and have our shit together.


Lorraine’s business journey is so inspiring. After studying neuro-linguistic programming she successfully grew her first public relations business from her spare bedroom to a $1 million enterprise. Lorraine is now working in her second ‘soul on fire’ business. - writing, speaking, and mentoring, alongside launching a powerful new coaching program, Bold Darling.


Rockstar advisors, like business and energy coaches as well as mentees, have been absolutely key to Lorraine’s success across her entrepreneurial journey. She shares with us where she finds these rockstar advisors and how she ensures they will be a fit, energy and values wise.


Her first business coach was a significant investment but, as Lorraine shares with us, this kind of assistance effectively gives you a 10 year head start.


Lorraine shares with us what success is for her, and how a pyramid ascension model has been key for both her business and the advisors she works with.


I know you’ll love this episode - dive in for some gold nuggets!


Topics discussed:

[00:50]: Welcome Lorraine Murphy! The vibe she gives out is phenomenal. Lorraine’s Energy Management Plan is front and centre on my fridge.

[2:28] Lorraine’s husband introduced her to Neuro-linguistic Programming which started her out on her business journey - utilising bloggers as a PR channel.

[4:35] Lorraine shares why she quit her job before starting her first business.

[6:36]: How to ensure you have a cheer squad, support and networks when you first start out.

[8:04]: Lorraine joined The Entourage and quickly learnt everything she didn’t know about business, and the three steps she took to set her first business up for long-term sustainability.

[11:40]: Lorraine’s rockstar advisors were key to her success in the first 3 years.

[13:13]: Relationships need to be treated as a bank account - you need to put deposits in as well as withdrawals.

[13:51]: Lorraine’s first business coach was a significant investment - she explains how the process worked and how much she initially spent.

[15:21]: Where and how does Lorraine find her business coaches and mentors?

[16:01]: Success for Lorraine is feeling like her business is coming from a place of total flow and feminine energy. She’s working with an energy coach to pursue her goals.

[17:17] Instagram has been key to Lorraine feeling her way to the right business coaches and mentees. She describes how an ascension model represents the various levels people move through businesses.

[18:40]: When you see someone living the life you want to live and building the business you want to build and are aligned values wise - it’s a no brainer you would want to work with them.

[19:15]: Rock star advisors offer you a 10 year head start on your business.

[21:54]: Lorraine has recently launched her second business Bolding Darling, which she is in the process of building out as a stand alone business.

[23:10]: The reason for Bold Darling comes from Lorraine’s recognition that when she is good, everything else is good. Her new business is a powerful coaching program across her most potent business focal points.

[25:53]: Where you can find Lorraine and her membership and courses.

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