💰 My top tips for saving when filming course videos

My top tips for saving when filming course videos

video know how Sep 15, 2022

All video production needs a plan, but in order to save $$$ when filming the videos for your online course or educational program you need to take that plan one step further and create scripts!


Yes, you could argue that you know your content and can talk about it happily with just a few bullet points in front of you.


BUT if you stuffed up and said something wrong could you say the same thing again? Like exactly the same?


Chances are you can’t - because you’re human.


Taking the time to write scripts for your content ensures that:

  • You can focus on bringing the energy and not worry about what to say
  • You can be present in the moment and be your best self on camera
  • You say the same thing every time, regardless of the number of takes required


All of which also means your editor has a solid script to edit to - which makes their job faster, which means it will cost you less.


Win Win in my book.


In fact, it’s this process which enables me to film online courses for my clients in a matter of hours and have it finished in their inbox within days!


But,  there is nothing more tedious than watching a video of someone that never gets to the point! 


So let me share with you a few tips that will help you script an engaging and successful script.


Keep it short and sweet
A 250 word script will usually provide speaking content for a 90 second video, and videos within an online course average 3-5 minutes each.


Start with an engaging opening sentence
Something that is going to grab attention. And make sure when it’s delivered, it’s done so in a way that will stick in your viewer’s mind - hook them into your video.


Make the content of your script relevant!
Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and try to write it that way. What would they want to hear about? Is what you will be addressing in your script 100% necessary and does it flow in a logical way? Make sure what is being spoken about is easy to follow.


Always finish with a call to action
Make sure you give your audience the next step to follow after watching the video. Is there a download they need to see, or a template they need to complete?


Practice reading your script out loud!
A video script is not a piece of written marketing material, and as such needs to be written in a conversational tone. Regularly reading your script out loud as you’re writing it will enable you to hear whether the content flows and sounds correct in the spoken language.

Practicing your script also has other benefits, including reduced filming time (because you need less do-overs) and an overall calmer, more authentic presentation.

You don’t need to memorise your script – use a teleprompter, they’re magic!


Stay Camera Confident

Rebecca x

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