Influence is not just for influencers

leadership Aug 06, 2021

Do you consider yourself an ‘influencer’?

I’m guessing it’s not really a label you’ve ever given to yourself or it’s probably not the description you lead with.

It doesn’t really surprise me as the images conjured up in our minds of influencers usually involve cars, great outfits, sunnies or a strategically placed product.

The truth is that everybody, while not necessarily influencing in the social media sense of the word, is an influencer.

Influence is not a positional role as many people might think. It’s a relational role that is earned over time as you show up in authority and deliver value.

If you are in business you are in the business of influence and it’s time to take that seriously.

Influence is something that is massively important to me because it isn’t difficult to have a positive effect on someone - and when you understand that, it’s powerful! 

Could you offer someone a smile and change their morning?
What about a kind word that goes with them for the rest of the day?
Perhaps you’re an artist that pours meaning and truth into the work you do?
Maybe it’s the decision to live stream and contribute to your community.

All of these things are ways that you are standing on the edge of leadership and showing your people the way forward. It’s the simple things, the educational things, the relational things and the complex things. 

It all contributes to your power to influence those around you.

But unless you make yourself visible then you simply don’t give yourself the chance to affect someone else’s life.

How will you show up today?

How will you influence your community? How will you influence the people who WANT to hear from you?

Shine Bright
Rebecca x 

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