How I Always Have Content Ready to Go

How I Always Have Content Ready to Go

video know how Jul 07, 2022

It doesn’t matter WHERE you market yourself and your brand Mark, you are going to need content… and endless content at that.

I often hear other business leaders talk about how they struggle to make enough content or have enough for their social media and website.

If that’s you, I want to give you a look into how I create tons of content and never run dry!

Here’s how I always have content ready to go with a few tips and tricks along the way!

  • PHOTOS - I batch these. My photographer and I spend half a day each quarter together, and often between the studio and other locations for variety. We get a good 3-6 months worth of photos!

  • VIDEOS - Yes, I have a team so this helps BUT I can promise you that the biggest step to being consistent and having video ready to go is the ability to record it in the first place.

You may not have the technical prowess to edit them yourself, but if you can step in front of the camera and record, the edit will take care of itself (ie - you'll find someone to do it for you or you'll do it yourself).

I often batch these too. I start with a plan, some light scripting and then I put a date and time in the calendar and smash out a whole bunch!

  • INSTAGRAM STORIES - This is a discipline or a muscle that has had to be exercised in order to be built. My commitment to showing up each day for you on camera wasn't an accident. It was intentional and I started by simply sharing what's going on behind the scenes in my business. That's all you have to do too!

  • MAKEUP - If I have it on, I take a photo. I know I said I batch photos above but I also like to have the more candid photos of day to day life in and out of the studio. I try to never waste a makeup day! I also take plenty of photos without makeup too.

  • TAKE ACTION - If I think of an idea, I take action on it as soon as I can. This is particularly good for Reels because it's difficult to hand that off to someone else. Most of the work is done in the filming of the thing so I typically create it and post it.

I hope these tips help you rethink your processes… because that’s all it is. Put processes in place and dates in the calendar - aka make a plan. That way, having enough content to market yourself daily is not as hard as it looks!

I’d love to hear how you stay on top of content? Hit reply and let me know

Oh, and if video is daunting for you then I recommend joining The Video Academy - it’s a complete video toolkit designed to get you creating great video with confidence.


Stay camera confident!

Rebecca xx

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