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Do you struggle to come up with new content every week?

I know from experience how much of a burden it can feel in your business to always be trying to think of new ideas to spread across all of your platforms. So, I came up with a system and process that allows me to create a quarter of a year’s worth of content in a matter of days!

Instagram reels, videos, photos, podcasts, newsletters, everything!

In this episode, I’m sharing my content planning process and letting you in behind the scenes to see how I always have something ready to go when I need it. I have found my strategy of batch processing content as an absolute necessity to grow my business without the constant stress of trying to come up with something new.

Trust me, it’s not as hard as it looks and I’m going to take you through exactly how I do it today so you can start using it in your business to see immediate results.

In fact, on Friday I smashed out 27 reels in under one hour! This strategy will change the way you create content, change the way you show up online and change the way you have an impact on the world. So stop right now, pull out your calendar, and set aside 3 days of planning and 3 days of content creation to maximise your time, money and energy output.

You’ve got this so take action today!

Topics discussed:

[2:47]: The tips and tricks I’m sharing in this episode apply over all platforms. I do written content, photographic content, video content and podcasting content every week in a matter of hours every month.
[4:49]: The amount of content that has to be created can feel like a burden in your business.
[5:43]: I created a quarter's worth of content in a matter of days, including reels, videos, podcasts, newsletter topics, everything! I start by planning out the theme for the month.
[6:05]: The month of July was all about planning content. Next month is about working with professionals. The following month will be online courses, and then client stories.
[6:50]: I map out 5 topics under each theme that I can then talk to and that forms the weekly newsletter. I then take snippets from the newsletter and turn them into reels. On Friday, I smashed out 27 reels in under an hour!
[8:06]: This process allows me to have one solid piece of content that I can multipurpose into different areas.
[9:00]: I set 3 days of planning time aside including planning content, writing newsletters, writing each piece of content, pulling out quotes and dialogue as an Instagram reel.
[9:42]: Allow for creation time in your calendar - 2 to 3 days (1 day for photography, 1 day for videos, 1 day for podcasting). Each quarter the photos and videos are all refreshed and current - don’t forget to include behind-the-scenes footage.
[12:20]: All of my reels and podcast videos are created by me using my DIY kit. The bigger promotional videos are recorded professionally by my team.
[13:54]: To maximise your time, money and energy output is to be prepared!
[14:27]: The key to photography and video content is to put a date in the diary and stick to it.
[15:30]: I batch record my solo podcast episodes, change outfits, keep them to 20 minutes, and record 2 an hour.
[16:19]: Instagram stories took discipline for me in the beginning. Once I started doing the monthly theme and weekly topic, Instagram stories became so much easier.
[17:21]: Every time I do photography, videos, and make-up artist, I take photos on my phone and book a night out so I don’t let the hair and make-up go to waste.
[19:08]: Set time aside now to make the plan and get the content created! 

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