From Best Kept Secret to Household Name

From Best Kept Secret to Household Name

podcast Aug 09, 2022

My guest this week is Liz Nable - a former television journalist with a passion for business and being your own boss. As a media strategist and coach, Liz provides small business owners with the tools they need to get their brands into the public eye and transform them into household names.

Liz’s unique background as a TV news journalist and small business owner gives her a huge breadth of knowledge about leveraging the media and getting free PR. She wants to get that knowledge into the hands of small business owners.

In this episode, we discuss what Liz means by media and the secret to being featured in a news story or magazine feature article. Liz shares her top tips for making sure the media wants to talk to you, as well as how to identify and pitch stories.

Our conversation also covers what media coverage can do for your brand, and how it is not a sales tool, but all about brand awareness and engagement. Liz shares the biggest mistakes business owners can make when pitching to the media, and how to avoid these.

There are some golden nuggets in this show that will take you one step closer to having a huge impact on the world. 





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