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My guest this week is Liz Nable - a former television journalist with a passion for business and being your own boss. As a media strategist and coach, Liz provides small business owners with the tools they need to get their brands into the public eye and transform them into household names.

Liz’s unique background as a TV news journalist and small business owner gives her a huge breadth of knowledge about leveraging the media and getting free PR. She wants to get that knowledge into the hands of small business owners.

In this episode, we discuss what Liz means by media and the secret to being featured in a news story or magazine feature article. Liz shares her top tips for making sure the media wants to talk to you, as well as how to identify and pitch stories.

Our conversation also covers what media coverage can do for your brand, and how it is not a sales tool, but all about brand awareness and engagement. Liz shares the biggest mistakes business owners can make when pitching to the media, and how to avoid these.

There are some golden nuggets in this show that will take you one step closer to having a huge impact on the world. 


Topics discussed:

[1:15] Liz helps small business owners get their stories in the media with free publicity across tv, radio, newspapers and more.

[1:45] Her work as media strategist and coach helps small business owners leverage free PR.

[2:20] Liz has a unique background - she was a tv news journalist in both Sydney and New York.

[3:52] When Liz returned to Australia, she left news journalism in search of better work hours and flexibility and became a small business owner.

[4:45] Working in America meant exposure to a totally different target market. Liz’s work in America focused on production and interviews.

[6:28] Liz’s work is now focused on workshops that put knowledge and tools into the hands of small business owners to get them into the media. Media is a totally different beast that people may not have considered getting their name in.

[6:50] The concept ‘media’ has changed significantly over the last decade - Liz discusses this and her knowledge of what makes a good news story.

[8:45] Liz realised that she would love to teach her skills to small business owners and how she has scaled via online workshops.

[9:55] One of the secrets to being featured in a magazine or lifestyle show is that you have to understand the medium you’re pitching to. Most media follows a format or formula. Liz gives an example from the ABC and how to pitch in line with that.

[11:31] You need to go ou

t of your way to make it easy for the media to access you - don’t turn down opportunities.[12:17] Liz shares her top tips that will make the media want to talk to you.

[13:28] Pitching ideas and knowing what a good story is is a powerful way to enter the media. Learn how to identify good stories and pitch them. Persistence is key.

[14:48] Writing articles yourself and using these to pitch to outlets like Mammamia, Honey and news.com.au is a really easy way to get your writing out there.

[16:02] Importantly - media coverage is not a sales tool, it’s an awareness point. It’s never about your business - it’s about the story! It’s about building rapport, relationships and brand reputation over time.

[17:55] Lifting brand awareness and engagement is the focus of media coverage.

[18:47] Liz shares some of the biggest mistakes small business owners make when undertaking PR and media engagement.

[20:18] Being able to do important tasks on repeat is a key part in becoming a profitable business.

[21:09] Liz has some excellent free resources available on her website and is launching her Media Master Course in September.

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