Cameras In The Closet

Cameras In The Closet

podcast Apr 11, 2022

My guest on the show today is the innovative Caitlin Marwaha, a digital stylist and amazing content creator. Caitlin has gone from being a stay at home mum to becoming a very successful CEO of a digital styling business in only a few years. 

In this episode, we discuss how to create amazing and engaging content that your audience will connect with. Caitlin is a virtuoso of content creation and is sharing her own process for making videos, reels, photos and content across Tik Tok, Instagram, her membership and her course. 

Caitlin has worked hard to build trust with her audience through incredible content and listening to their feedback. Her membership has grown to over 200 women and she showcases how to style for different sizes and shapes - after all, we’re not all the same. 

We discuss how Caitlin started out in front of a camera and even the equipment she uses. You’ll find so much value in her story and be able to apply it to your own content creation journey. 

Remember, practice makes perfect! Keep standing in front of a camera, you’ll learn something new every single time you do.



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