Creativity for Maximum Business Success

Balancing Consistency and Creativity for Maximum Business Success

podcast Jun 14, 2022

Can you successfully balance the boring nature of consistent systems with the joy and space of creativity?

My guest today is the colourful Tina Tower. Tina and I have worked together for almost 2 years and I wanted to bring her on to the show today to explore the world of online business.

Tina launched her business, Her Empire Builder, two years ago and is passionate about helping women to grow their empires and have a life that they love.

Tina has helped hundreds of people package their expertise into an online course and launch it to the world. Her first book, ‘One Life - How To Have The Life of Your Dreams’ was released in 2018. Her second book, ‘Million Dollar Micro Business’ was released in 2021 and became a global success, hitting the best seller list in its first week of release!

In this episode, we’re exploring how to balance consistency and creativity for maximum business success.

Tina shares her journey to launching Her Empire Builder in the beginning of the Covid pandemic, struggling with boundaries, building a team, scheduling in ‘white space’, and showing up authentically online as an introvert.

We discuss how Tina found the balance between creativity and consistent systems and processes. It’s important to have a solid foundation but don’t be afraid to experiment and fail. You won’t get it right all of the time but you’ll learn something new.

Tina reminds us that if you don’t manage your energy and know how to get yourself to perform - none of the technical stuff will matter. Show up online as yourself and you won’t find it so taxing or avoid it altogether.

You will find so much value in this conversation that you can apply to your online business to achieve amazing results while allowing space for creativity and joy every day.



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