Where should I shoot my videos

Where should I shoot my videos? (Part 2)

video clarity video know how Jun 23, 2022

As you might recall, last week we looked at 5 reasons shooting a video in a studio is a great idea and the benefits that it brings.

Today, I want to show you why you might shoot on location for your client case studies.

Why? Because having your customers tell your story is really powerful and filming at their office (aka on location) make it:

  • Easier for them
  • Easier for you
  • And more impactful for your audience

Client Case Study videos filmed on location are a story about your product or service told by an actual customer - someone who the viewer can relate to, build trust with and learn from.

Other than the obvious above, here are my 3 reasons to film on location:

  1.  Authenticity - there are times where you might like to have a certain hustle and bustle (think: traffic or people) to add an energy to your video. This potentially lends itself to more of a social media video or perhaps a brand video with these visual elements - not so much an instructional how-to style video.
  2. Cost - Depending on who you shoot with, sometimes there are cost benefits to shooting on location because the video production company doesn’t need to arrange a studio for you.
  3. Bring your video to life! - Sometimes the content we are talking about or the feel of the video would be enhanced by having rolling waves in the background or filming in a garden. If your subject matter lends itself to an environment that is somewhere other than a studio, it can really make sense to film there (although most scenarios can be replicated in a studio 😉). For example, if you’re a mixologist, it would make sense to film in an ambient bar to create that desired feel for your audience. Same goes for if you’re a chef or a vet!

And don't just take my word for it, here are what some of my clients say about the Client Case Study videos we've made for them:


"Having your customers tell your story is powerful, and I realised that Rebecca has a knack for capturing testimonials in an engaging way. So, I engaged Rebecca and her team to create video testimonials from our clients across Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Rebecca and her team delivered 7 customer videos of the highest quality. All I had to do was get agreement from the client and Rebecca co-ordinated the rest. Teeing up briefing sessions, organising the shoots. Even in the face of the pandemic, with offices closing down and people being hard to reach, Rebecca got the job done. And the results were amazing."

Chris Britton | Objective

"Rebecca was wonderful to work with on a number of AI case study video stories  for Microsoft. She (and the super star team) have an  incredible knack of being able to extract really genuine narrative out of end customers while still weaving-in brand imperatives.  I love how she just “makes things happen"

Belinda StevensMicrosoft

“Thank you for the filming this week in both Sydney and Melbourne. Excited that Rebecca and team got lots of footage for the specific piece on LAB3 and some ‘extra’ content that we can leverage for other uses.”

Steve JohnsLAB3

Client Case Study videos engage people better and faster than any other media, are you ready to leverage your customer stories?

Yes?! Amazing, check out my Client Case Study packages here and let’s get filming!


Stay camera confident!
Rebecca xx



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