Where should I shoot my videos

Where should I shoot my videos? (Part 1)

video know how video question Jun 16, 2022

Are you constantly thinking about where to film your videos?

Wondering if you should hire a studio, just do it at your office or even somewhere out in nature? 

You’re not alone. Finding the perfect location for your videos can make or break them.


BUT different locations favour different types of video!


So over the next few newsletters, I’m going to put my decade of video experience into overdrive and we’re going to explore the pros (and cons) of:


  • Studio Productions - think online courses and educational videos
  • Location Production - hello Client Case Studies!
  • Outdoor Productions

Today’s location - the studio!


Here are my top 5 reasons to use a studio to film video for your online course or program:


  1. Controlled environment
    I don’t know if you’ve ever shot on location, but I have. There’s little else worse than the ever changing position of the sun, shadows and just general unpredictability of the weather. A studio removes that frustration and allows you to be lit well and professionally.

  2. Do Not Disturb!
    I love this one. If you book the studio, then you have no interruptions from the outside world. No phones, no planes and no people knocking on a door.  A studio (like mine in Sydney) that is sound-proofed means you can lock in and get your videos done without noise and distractions.

  3. Value Your Time
    You are a busy  business owner, course creator or entrepreneur (or possibly all 3!) and you don’t have extra hours in the day to waste. When you hire a studio, you’re locked in for a set day of production -  and your mindset is set for it to!

    There’s little to no chance you won’t be prepared which also means that when you step in front of the camera, you will focus in and get it done. All in all this saves you time because you’ve prioritised yourself, your business and your videos.

  4. Create A Feel
    Have you ever wished that you could have a coloured backdrop or signage or a certain stage setting? That’s all possible in a studio. One of my production promises in the studio is that no two sets are the same. You’re unique and so your videos should look unique too! So we ensure that creatively, your needs are met and you walk out looking like, sounding like and feeling like you!

  5. Production Value
    If you are looking for that sleek, polished, highly produced quality, a studio is where you’ll find it. From sound-proofing to audio quality to video quality to set styling and lighting; a studio is the optimal place for all of these elements to come together and perform at their peak. You can have the best microphone in the world but if there’s a seagull squawking on the beach behind you, guess who makes it into your video.

Oh, and to balance it out I should mention one possible con… not all studios are soundproof!
Do your research to ensure that the studio you hire is worth the $$$ you’re paying for it. You don’t want your filming impacted by road noise or flying planes overhead.


At this time of year my studio is always booked out, however I encourage you to start thinking about the new financial year and how you might best invest your time and marketing efforts.


If you’re looking to create a course and film it prior to Christmas - lock in a filming date now and get it done!


Want to film with me? Check out my Online Course Video Production packages here.


Stay camera confident!

Rebecca xx

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