Where Has The Time Gone?

video clarity video know how Jun 09, 2022

Where's your business heading?

As we fast approach the half way mark of 2022, are you taking the time to review where you're at and consider how you're going to get to where you want to be?

You've been round here longer than a minute, so you know that I'm a planner!

My post-it notes on my favourite champagne are keeping me on track with my goals, and I'm reminded every single day of them when I open the fridge.


This simple activity has meant that:

  • my client filming schedule for next quarter is filling up fast
  • my content for the next 6 weeks has been created and is ready to share with the world, and
  • global expansion of The Video Accelerator is high on my agenda for the next 6 months.


It may seem like a strange thing to do, but these post it notes mean I'm consciously thinking about my goals and taking action towards them. After all, if you don't put action to your intentions then they simply won't amount to anything and the opportunity is postponed - if not entirely lost altogether.


So my question for you today is this - are videos still on your to do list for this year?


If yes, what action are you going to take to ensure you get them done before Christmas comes around (and yep, I know... I said the C word already!)


I'd love to help you plan for these so that you can get organise and stay ahead.


Why not book a call with me here and make those video plans concrete?


Or if you have the desire to learn how to do it yourself (or you have a team member you'd like to train), let me invite you into The Video Accelerator - my signature program designed to help business leaders, course creators and speakers nail video!


Which ever video path you choose, you can rest assured I'm here to help you on that journey. Don't let another 6 months pass you by - it's time to grab the rest of 2022 by the horns!


Stay Camera Confident.
Rebecca x

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