When and why you'd work with a professional videographer

When and Why You'd Work with a Professional Videographer

podcast Aug 02, 2022

I’m bringing you a jam packed solo episode today to talk about when and why you would bring on a professional videographer in your business. 

A lot of business owners try to save money by learning a skill that’s not necessarily in their genius zone. DIY video production can work really well up until a certain point, but if your business is expanding, or your content isn’t where you’d like it to be, this is where a professional videographer will be a game changer and allow you to stay smart and savvy. 

I’m a big fan of outsourcing and in this episode, I share how you can outsource to a professional videographer in a few different ways. Whether it's from pre-production all the way through to editing or just some help to repurposing your existing content, engaging with a professional might be just what you need to level up.

I also discuss the three tiers of professionals, from fresh out of university to someone like me running a team of video ninjas. I talk about the considerations to keep in mind and the questions you should ask as you're figuring out who to work with.

Wherever your business is at, my goal is to help you have fun engaging with your audience in front of the camera. Creating amazing video content doesn't have to be overwhelming and with a professional in your corner, you can focus on running your business, sharing your knowledge and expertise with the world.



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