What's really stopping you from showing up

What's really stopping you from showing up

camera confidence podcast Oct 11, 2022

Today’s guest is Erika Cramer (Erika from America!), aka the Confidence Queen talking about all things confidence.


Erika is a full-flavoured, spicy inspirational speaker and mentor to thousands of women across the globe. She connects with an engaged global community and shares with tens of thousands of women on a daily basis to help empower, encourage and inspire them to step into their confidence.


In this episode, I chat with Erika about how the Queen of Confidence started as her alter shego and her business journey from the Queen of Curves to the Queen of Confidence. Erika is radically honest about her life and shares how a decent dose of trauma, combined with a ‘shower wisdom’ moment in December 2018 launched her into unbelievable business success.


Erika shares her wisdom about how she stepped into her greatness, the tactics she uses to deal with the niggly voices in her head and the power of journaling.


Erika played a big role in my courage to be openly public about alopecia both professionally and personally, and I have no doubt her energy, beaming vibes and laughter will help shake up your fear and get you inspired to start stepping into your confident alter shego.


Erika fills up my cup and I know this conversation will do the same for you.



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