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What does leadership look like?

leadership Aug 09, 2021

While I don’t want to harp on the situation a lot of us are facing with these lockdowns, I do want to draw on something that I think is important while life is especially challenging. 

In the face of so much uncertainty, people look for hope and strength. Let me tell you that those characteristics will be found in good leaders. 

You see, leadership comes in different shapes and sizes and over the years I have found that there are some universal traits that all good leaders have.  

I’ve listed them below as they are characteristics I strive to live by as well!

👉 Lead with conviction. 

If there’s no conviction, there’s no rudder steering the ship. If you want to lead with conviction - you need to understand your vision and goals. Remind yourself as well as your team what it is you're working towards. 

👉 Listen to your team. 

If you want to know how your leadership is going, you need to have your finger on the pulse. You need to be tuned into those you are leading. They will often mirror back to you the things they see you do. Too much complaining? Ask yourself, am I complaining and I’m not even aware of it?

On top of this - when they speak up or voice concerns, take them seriously and act upon them. Your team is the top of the food chain. If they’re unhappy, you’ll soon have unhappy clients. Your team represents you - give them what they need to thrive.

👉 Lead by example. 

I touched on this earlier. You can't expect people to follow you if you're not willing to practice what you preach. Demonstrate the standards you want to see from your team. If you want to earn respect, credibility and trust - you need to lead by example by respecting others and giving trust. 

👉 Empower.

Build people up, whether they're your team, your clients or your audience. Great leaders know that people work best when they have a sense of ownership over their work. Give your people what they need in  order to empower them to give their best. 

Leadership is an honour and a mantle that we have a responsibility to uphold for the sake of the betterment of those around us.

Remember, if you are in a position of influence then you are in a position of leadership.

Lead well,
Rebecca x




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