Removing the guilt of reinvention with Donna Hann

Removing the guilt of reinvention with Donna Hann

podcast Nov 08, 2022

I’m joined today by the fabulous Donna Hann, who runs a business coaching business and is host of the inspiring podcast She’s in Business. Donna’s work empowers and supports women, primarily Mums, who either want to reshape their existing business or start a business from scratch without burnout. Essentially, she helps female entrepreneurs from burnout to thriving through private and group coaching, speaking and workshops. What a superwoman!

Given the last two years, burnout is really front of mind and Donna shares her journey into and through burnout. This is Donna’s fourth business - she has such a wealth of knowledge to draw on. We discuss the challenges when your family doesn’t quite get your business and the ways she navigated her marriage when her third business led to burnout. 

Donna also shares with us the beauty and upsides of working in a regional town, and how she serves her client remotely, which allows her to work with women as far away as Scandinavia! 

In our conversation, Donna shares that it’s really about finding what lights you up, and then putting the business skills around that. We also discuss intentionality and the value of personal and professional development.


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