My Virtual Door Is Open!

entrepreneurship leadership Jan 13, 2022

Welcome to my little circle of 2022! We are officially back on deck this week and easing in gently as I know many of you are doing too.

I want to start this year off by simply acknowledging that 2022 has started off on a weird foot and I see many people on my socials, in person and just in general, already wanting a refund on their entry fee into the year.

Can I be the first to say that while there may be unpredictability in the air there is a wonderful opportunity for us as leaders in our respective communities and businesses to bring hope, strengthen bonds and simply support one another through whatever may come.

And with that said, I am opening up my calendar again this year to you.

I did this in 2021 with a really positive response. Some used the open door to share in a safe space, others used it to ask video and business questions and even some just came and sought connection.

I am here for all of that — with you.

So please, take me at my word when I say that I want you to book in if you need any of the above. My door is open and I welcome anyone who wants to chat, in - you can do so here.

In addition to this, I’d like you to think about the things that you’ve been putting off until everything ‘back to normal’. I know there are things in my life I’ve put a hold on - my wedding for starters. Although, it occurred to me last year that things may not return to how I’d hope and consequently I rebooked my wedding for April this year.

In all honesty, things aren’t as peachy as I’d hoped they’d be with all of the travel restrictions still heavily in place and with family overseas  but I have realised that I can’t put my life on hold because I cannot predict what the future holds.

And neither can you!

I know people who have put off business ventures and activity with the view that they too would pursue them once normality returned. What I think we are all learning is that we have to embrace the uncertainty and the chaos and plough forward regardless.

Perhaps it’s an opportunity for us to look at what we had hoped for and pursue it in a different way?

Have you been hoping to travel overseas? Perhaps it’s time to explore locally a little more. It’s still traveling - it’s just a different location.

Maybe you’ve been looking to hire in house? Perhaps it could be easier in this unpredictable season to hire virtually?

Is there a chance you’ve been putting off creating video in our studio or with a production company? Maybe it’s time you learn the skill so that you are not hamstrung by lock downs and mandates.

If that’s something on your list for this year, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to join The Video Accelerator waitlist! I’m reopening the doors Feb 1st and I’d love to see you there. 

Every day you delay in creating video content for your business is another day where you’re allowing your competitors to get further in front of you and your ideal client to go elsewhere. 

Let’s not put off more time waiting for things to change. Take a hold of what you can now and make a difference in your business today.

Remember - my door is open! Make sure you book in when you feel the nudge 😉

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay positive.

Rebecca x

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