How to choose a video supplier

How to choose a video supplier

video know how Feb 24, 2022

Have you ever had to find a supplier for something but had very little understanding about what to look for in a GOOD supplier?

This is the backbone of why referrals are so powerful - someone you already trust has done the legwork for you and has experience so making a decision becomes super easy and relatively risk free (one would hope!)

When we are tasked with finding the right company for a particular service and we don’t have that referral, it’s a little more tricky.

We need to prioritise and order what matters.

Is that quality? Do you need to meet a really tight deadline? Do you need someone local? Perhaps you have budgetary constraints to consider?

These are just a few considerations - truth be told, depending on what you need, there can be many many more variables in the equation! 🤯

Over the last two years I was finding this to be true for our clients who were pivoting hard and fast towards live streaming and needed a production crew to handle the logistics.

Global meetings, conferences and vendor led meetings still needed to take place–and dare I say were even MORE important now that work teams were remote–and nobody really knew where to start.

This situation led me to put together a comprehensive checklist for you to refer back to when you need to hire a video supplier!

And you can access my 5 Step Checklist to choosing the right video production company here!

There are a number of variables to consider when choosing a video supplier because video is not just a budgetary consideration, nor a locational one!  So as a sneak peak into this helpful resource let me flesh some of it out for you below.

In Step 1 of my 5 step checklist I look at the overarching question of ‘Does the production company produce good videos?’

Within this question I have 9 different considerations for you to score against to ensure that you make a great decision and not just a quick one.

One key question I dive into is this - Do their videos look appealing and make you want to watch?

I want you to ask yourself:

👉 Do you actually LIKE the work of the video supplier you’re considering?

👉 Do you LIKE what you see?

👉 Would you be proud to have been the person who signed off on the work that you see on their website?

Why do you watch that new Leonardio DiCaprio movie? Because you LOVED past ones he was in and you trust the quality. The type of movie he creates makes you want to watch the next one!

Why do you watch Pixar or Disney? Because they have a reputation for quality movies that make you feel good. 

Regardless of the specifics it simply comes down to the fact that what they do is appealing to you in some way and entices you to watch the next one.

I know your video projects are a little different being business related but all the more reason to check out the video production company’s work and make your decision based on whether you were compelled to watch.

Perhaps the subject matter isn’t of interest to you BUT did you like the transitions, the format, the pace, the creativity, the set? All of these things are the glue that holds live productions together but that you often don’t consciously pick up on.

Watch their past work and look out for these nuances.

If you’re in the market for a video production supplier (even if it’s not live), the 5 Step  Checklist will help you make your decision in a non-biased and practical way. Download it here and use it as many times as you need to until you feel comfortable with your final choice 😊

Stay Camera Confident

Rebecca x

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