How I learnt to be consistent

How I learnt to be consistent

entrepreneurship leadership Sep 24, 2021

Do you struggle being consistent with certain things in your business?

Of course you're amazing at delivering for your clients and invoicing, but do you just seem to drag your feet with other things?


Content creation...


I remember for the longest time that I wanted to live stream. Deep down, I knew it would be great for my business and by showing up in that way, I could set an example for others.

But do you think I could do it consistently?! Nope.

The crazy thing is that I had a team AND a studio and still found it hard!

I found that the whole process was much like any fitness journey. In order to see results, I needed to get consistent.

But how do you get consistent? Because it isn't sheer willpower!

For me consistency is a 3 part process, and I’m going to share it with you…

Part 1 - Plan what needs to be done.

Most people stop here which is why they don't see results. They think a plan will motivate them but it won't. Planning is a necessary step to ensure that you know where you're going and what you're doing on the day.

In a fitness journey, that looks like planning the time you'll exercise as well as the type of exercise or even specific program that you'll undertake.
For my live streaming, I needed to plan my topics and set some dates!

Part 2 - Set yourself up for success.

Put your gym clothes out the night before and set your alarm - perhaps even plan to start with a friend so the accountability helps to motivate you to get up!

Setting myself up for success with live streaming meant that I needed to ensure I'd had a tech run through, my sticky notes with my bullet points were in place and I looked put together and not dishevelled for my time on camera.

Part 3 - Once begun, half done.

I heard this saying recently and I absolutely love it. Once you've done part 1 and part 2, just showing up to the gym or to your computer - whatever it is - is half the battle.
Once you're there, it's not difficult to keep going! The hardest part is getting there and starting.

So part 3 is really about having a go. Read that again, it’s about giving it a go.

If you do this enough, you will start to feel your muscles growing (physically and theoretically). I know that now, it really isn't difficult for me to jump on a live stream and deliver at all because I put the time in to work that muscle.

It's the same for you.

What do you need to work on as we head into Q4?

If video is on your agenda, then put yourself on the waitlist for The Video Accelerator. I open the doors for the final time this year in November and I guarantee you’ll get clarity, camera confidence and the tools you need to take action.

Remember, You know it. Now show it.
Rebecca x

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