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How Do You Know You’re Working With an Amazing Agency?

video know how May 12, 2022

This week I've had a number of introductory calls with potential clients about video production (which is great, as that's the business that I'm in!) and 2 themes kept coming up...

  • Stories of bad experiences with previous suppliers
  • Nervousness about how the process would work and whether they'd actual receive what they wanted at the end

No one wants to invest in video that isn’t what they originally wanted, so I want to share with you my top 4 signs of a great video production company so that you can find the right video production company for you.


#1: Their skills match the needs of your company

A professional video production company is often made up of multiple individuals with specialised skill sets and you need to ensure that these skills match up with what you're specifically looking for.
Some agencies will talk the talk but not walk the walk.
The best way of checking out what the video production company is capable of is by looking to their previous work via their video portfolio. You can see mine here!

Do not be afraid to ask questions and to seek further examples of recent work.

And if you don't know what you're exactly after, then book a time to have a conversation.


#2: They’re ready and trained to work with specific equipment
Got a grand vision of what you want and you know it will require certain equipment to create it, for example a drone or live stream camera?

Ask the video production company if they have these tools in their kit. If they already own this equipment, it likely means they know how to use it!

But...if they don't, they'll likely need to hire it or outsource to others which will mean more $$$ from you.

If you’re working with a video agency that needs to up-skill, you’re essentially paying for their training and you’re not accessing experts.


#3: Their systems & processes make life easier, not harder

Rigorous project management is vital when it comes to quality video production, and an amazing production team will have the systems and processes in place to make for a smooth, streamlined and successful production process.

Most production teams will have a pitch deck that will outline how they work and the processes that they have in place to deliver on time. Take the time to read this and make sure it aligns with the way your business operates.

Better yet, check to see if they have any client testimonials or reviews because this is a great way to see how other people and organisations have felt working with them.
Streamlined systems and processes add exceptional value to you as a client as it ensures your time isn’t wasted and that the overall production is smooth and stress free.

#4: Their time-management skills have been proven in the past

Unfortunately many companies try to save time and money by hiring a ‘cheaper’ video production team only to:

  1. Never receive a finished video
  2. Struggle or never seem to be able to get back in touch with that company, or
  3. Never receive the quality product originally promised

None of these are outright scams because quite frankly, it often comes down to the fact that the cheaper agency or one-man-show is working on multiple projects. They can’t find the space to prioritise yours as they take on more than they can handle. Obviously this is of no good to you as a client.


A good way of knowing if the video production company you are working with has good time management is if they give you exact dates and deadlines of when they can have projects back to you. This shows they manage all their client work equally and have a solid editing schedule.

A video production agency that says yes to every job without taking the time to work out the editing and filming schedule will most likely under deliver so beware!


Picking a video production company to work with doesn't have to be a big or scary task now that you're armed with what to look for and the questions to ask!


If you’d like to get in early on the new financial year (and write off the costs this year ) then click here and I’ll help you get your project underway!


Stay camera confident!


Rebecca xx


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