Embracing Tree Change

Embracing Tree Change

podcast Apr 04, 2022

I’m chatting with Jenny Hardman today about embracing tree change and how she and her husband, James, moved from corporate Sydney to country NSW to pursue their vineyard dreams. 

We talk about the ins and outs of what the tree change has looked like, the highs and lows of taking on a 1868 heritage listed property and the huge amount of work required to turn the property into an airbnb. 

Jenny and James still have big dreams for the future. They plan to open a cellar door alongside their newly planted vineyard and we talk about how they are navigating the path toward their goals.

Many people dream of living that country life but actually taking the plunge is a whole other story. Jenny says that her biggest lesson has been finding the right people to help them on their journey. Running both a wine business and airbnb cottage, Jenny also talks about the importance of doing your research, solid marketing and building a strong network.




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