Creating Ninja Systems with Crista Grasso

Creating Ninja Systems

podcast Sep 13, 2022

Today on the podcast we have the very special guest, Crista Grasso, who we get to geek out on systems with!


Crista is known as the business optimiser - she helps businesses gain clarity on the most important things to focus on, and what to lean out and eliminate for great alignments. Crista is also the creator of the Lean Out Method, as well as the amazing lean out planner and is the host of her very own podcast. Crista is the go-to strategic planning expert for online entrepreneurs when they want to scale their business simply and sustainably


Systems will save you time, provide momentum and give you freedom and flexibility. Perhaps you’ve thought of systemising elements of your business but you’re just not sure where to start. This conversation will help clarify how to take that first step towards efficiency and leverage. Crista and I discuss the two different kinds of systems that can be applied in business - macro and micro - and which one to start with.


Crista gives an example of a really powerful and meaningful strategic system related to your core offer. She also provides advice on how to approach the setup and creation of systems and processes in your business (hint: not all at once!).


Helpfully, we also talk about the hurdles and pitfalls you might encounter when you first start setting up systems, as well as how to tackle these.


Crista shares details about her own strategic planning system that brings so much success, and how this streamlines vision and removes noise.


I’m aiming for frictionless life in 2023 and am looking forward to implementing much of Crista’s wisdom to get there. I absolutely know this conversation will be just as helpful for you, so dive in and get systemising!



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