3 Videos You May Never Have Thought About Creating

3 Videos You May Never Have Thought About Creating

video know how Mar 24, 2022

Have you ever thought about the unique ways you can use video that are relatively underutilised, Lijubica?

We all know that social media breathes video as its main medium and we know that it makes sense if we have a YouTube account and want to show ‘how to’ do something.

But what other ways can we use video to deepen trust with our customers and community and bridge the gap between follower to super fan?

I have three ideas for you here.


1. THANK YOU VIDEO - It’s a rare breed of marketer savvy enough to put a thank you video on the back end of their download, opt-in or tripwire product. You could effectively drive further action simply by showing your face and driving that purchaser or new subscriber to your socials or perhaps something else linked to what they just received that will take them further down the trust rabbit hole.


2. ABOUT ME VIDEO - Again, another video idea that is often overlooked. The about me page is LITERALLY where people come to get to know you better. What BETTER place to have a video where they can hear your voice, see your eyes and feel as though they’re connecting with you on a more personal level?


3. COURSE TEASER - So many course creators spend hours and hours creating their course material and never think to make some high quality course teasers that entice the customer. Sure, get your video customer testimonials, make your Instagram Stories but DEFINITELY make a course teaser. Focus on HOW your customer will FEEL once they’ve enrolled or completed the course and let that be an inspirational video they return to in their buying process.


I love finding creative ways to use video and I hope these ideas spark something in you to get out the camera, hire that production company and write that narrative so that you can speed up the process from prospect to purchase.

P.S. The Video Accelerator has had a mini makeover and is better than ever as a comprehensive video resource for Business Leaders, Course Creators and Speakers. Click here to check out its shiny new look!


Stay Camera Confident

Rebecca x


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