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3 Things to Ask Before Engaging a Videographer

video know how video question Aug 18, 2022

Picking a video production supplier can seem like a daunting task - but it doesn’t have to be. Sure, there are many options out there who claim to be the best.. And yes, you’ll likely find the right fit through trial and error…


BUT do you really have the time (and the money) to invest in video that isn’t what you asked for? That wasn’t delivered on time? And that blew way over budget?


Chances are, you don’t.

I don't want you to either, so here are my top 3 questions that are a must ask when bringing on a videographer or video provider.


1. Have you created a video like this before?

Some videographers or video providers will talk the talk but not walk the walk. 

A hypereel or showreel is common practice in the industry but this is quite simply a selection of all the ‘best bits’ so be sure to check out full length videos of their previous work and look at some recent client testimonials.


2. How much will it cost?

The BIG question about money - and something that is super important when it comes to budgeting for your videos. Be clear in your project brief, ask plenty of questions and get an official quote from your chosen supplier. Provided you stick within the agreed scope of work the cost of production shouldn’t creep up!


3. When will it be delivered?

This is super important to lock in with your video supplier - because it’s slipping timelines that can cause budget blowouts and missed deadlines. Test their time management skills by asking them to give you exact dates and deadlines of when they can have your video back to you. 


A video production agency that says yes to every job without taking the time to work out the editing and filming schedule will most likely under deliver so beware!

Ask these 3 questions and be comfortable with the answers before engaging your video supplier or bringing on a videographer.


Oh, and in answer to my own questions because I’m obviously at the top of your shortlist (here’s hoping!)

1: You can view a selection of my previous work on Vimeo Channel here.

2: I have set video packages available on my website here - no hidden charges

3. This depends on the package you pick, but usually ranges from same day to same week.


If you want to work with me to make your next video, simply click on the MAKE VIDEO WITH ME link on the top of this page and tell me about your project.


Stay Camera Confident.

Rebecca x

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