10 Content Segments you MUST have!

live virtual events May 10, 2021

So, you’re planning out your live virtual event and you’re trying to piece together the segments that will turn it into a show… because remember, we’re making TV now!

Today I’m going to give you five segments you MUST have but I promised 10, so if you read to the bottom you’ll know where to find the other five.

  1. Fireside Chats - these are great as a break out session to get to know keynote speakers and guests on a deeper level and to be able to field any questions your audience may have.

  2. Keynote - It stands to reason that if you’re putting on a live virtual event you will need to have an excellent keynote and keynote speaker to really deliver the meat for the event. 

  3. Panel Discussions - These are a great way to facilitate spirited and intelligent conversation around your subject matter. Panels are a great way to attract an audience as they offer diversity and ultimately relatability for your varied audience participants.

  4. Product Demos - If you have a product, this is a fabulous opportunity to demonstrate what your product can do. Often the journey of how a product is used is an engaging and educational experience for your viewers and if your goal is sales - this is simply non-negotiable.

  5. Awards & Celebratory Moments - Awards and celebrations are a fabulous way of keeping the energy high especially if delivered towards the end of your event. With the right MC or hosts you can really create an unforgettable show.

As promised, I have another 5 must have content segments which you can find here. Be sure to check them out and if you haven’t already downloaded the 5-part video series on How To Really Plan A Live Event then simply click the button below, fill in your details and I’ll send that to you right away!

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