Learn to love yourself - with body confidence coach J-Go

podcast Feb 07, 2023

Today I’m excited to dive into an amazing topic with an amazing guest - J.Go (Jordan Gomez), a Body Positive Life Coach who helps women lose weight, gain muscle and feel confident in their skin!

J.Go takes us through her fitness background and how she quickly realised that the focus and pressure on always trying to get smaller and punishing yourself was not the way she wanted to approach exercise. There had to be another way. J.Go explains how a focus on getting stronger and what food made her feel good, helped break the connection between her self-worth and size.

Gym-timidation is real. J.Go explains how walking into a gym can often feel like a big step out of people’s comfort zone. She gives us some tips on how to start out on a fitness journey, and how to give yourself some grace on the journey.

J.Go doesn’t just do exercise, she helps with food as well. How to eat your ice cream with no side of guilt. She explains how to navigate food when approaches to cooking and mindset are so entrenched in our upbringing. J.Go helps her clients break up with the ‘shoulds’. She takes them through an audit of how they speak around their bodies to release the guilt around food.

We discuss the difference between saying ‘should’ and ‘could’ and how a shift in language can be really powerful. She helps her clients learn the power of words, and the power of mindset.

Conversations with ourselves are hugely important. J.Go gives us some habits and rituals that will help on your journey towards confidence and feeling happy in your own skin.

I know you’re going to love J.Go’s focus on self-love and body positivity as the ideal way to create long-term lifestyle change!


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