We Made it

We Made It!

camera confidence Jun 30, 2022

Your inbox is undoubtedly filled with EOFY offers and such like, but that’s not my style.

Instead of pushing you to buy something last minute or take advantage of a sale (that I’m not running) I want you to STOP, PAUSE and REFLECT on the 12 months just gone.


Because as business leaders we really don’t take enough time to acknowledge the journey’s we’ve been on, the accomplishments we’ve made and the goals we’ve smashed.

If you could just take 15 minutes to reflect on the past 12 months, what would come up for you that you deserve to celebrate?

>> Did you smash that financial target?

>> Did you successfully keep your business afloat through Covid?

>> Did you get that project happening?

>> Did you finally pluck up the courage to make that video?

I do this task regularly, and have post-it notes on champagne in my fridge to ensure I’m always aware of my goals and are able to celebrate the milestones.

When I reflect on the past 12 months:

🎉My business actually grew through covid

🎉As a team we’ve created over 1000 videos for our wonderful clients

🎉I trekked the Larapinta Trail and got back to basics

🎉I had the opportunity to visit Necker Island and meet Sir Richard Branson

🎉The Video Academy helped dozens of people have an impact with video

🎉I navigated my way through extreme burnout


and after years of planning and waiting we finally got married and I got to hug my family!


So, as we step into a brand new financial year tomorrow, how are you going to ensure you celebrate your business AND personal milestones and achievements along the way?

Stay Camera Confident

Rebecca x


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