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4 Key Steps To Success

camera confidence entrepreneurship leadership Aug 27, 2021

How do you define success?

I mean, really think about it. I know that our world often defines it as cash, cars and champagne-living - which is all well and good if that’s what you like and that feels like success to you - but is it really your definition?

I know that for me, true success is creating a lifestyle that affords me freedom to travel (when not in lockdown), entertain friends at my whim and fancy, and live where I want to live. I love knowing I can buy the fancy wine here and there too. 

But that is truly a successful life to me.

There are two questions I’ve had to continually ask myself over the last decade of building my business:

        1. What do I want?

        2. What do I need to do in order to achieve what I want?

I’ve answered the first question so let me share with you the answer to the second one.

I think there is one overarching thing we all need in order to create success (notice I said create and not ‘find’?) We need to work REALLY hard - but what does that actually look like?

I have found it breaks down into 4 main things.

  1. Focus - When you know what you want, you need to stay focused. There’s a million bright, shiny objects that take your eye off the prize and tempt you with their prettiness. We always have to be asking ourselves - does doing this, investing in this, spending time on this ultimately align with my end goal? Staying focused is key.

  2. Seize Opportunity - If you look for it, there is A LOT of opportunity out there. The challenge is to seize it and believe in it once you have. Seizing opportunity has been a massive ingredient to my own success thus far. I say yes a lot. Of course, never violate your own boundaries but begin to understand when you’re acting from fear vs. abundance and say yes a little more. Good things start to happen.

  3. Pull Levers -  This one can be tricky. Sometimes we go after things and it’s not the thing itself that doesn’t work but rather the timing. A lever pulled at the right time will make all of the difference. Do you need a strategy? Hustle? A business mentor? Do you need to pivot? Do you need to add or remove a product or service? Is it time to rest or go hard? Do you need to go all in on networking? You decide the lever - just know, timing plays a big part. If something doesn’t work, don’t give up. Return to it later.

  4. Grit - In all of this, grit is what helps you stay the course and for a lot of us, we are only moments away from our biggest breakthrough. As I’ve shared before, when we first went into lockdown last year, I had a fully booked studio and in seconds, it was no longer fully booked. If there was ever a time I had to find grit - it was then. It was a choice between staying the course or throwing in the towel. Thankfully, we both know the end to that story. 

For many, it’s a really tough season. Tougher than you’ve ever experienced. But what if you ARE only moments away from your biggest breakthrough?

What if you found a little more grit, pulled the right lever and found your breakthrough?

What if you went live on camera or turned your knowledge into a course or ran a virtual event?

What if you committed to showing up consistently for 30 days on LinkedIn 

There is so much space for you to shine and move one step closer to the success you dream of.

I hope through this blog post, you find a little bit of hope and encouragement. That’s all I aim to do.

I believe in your success.

I believe in you.

Rebecca x

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