It’s time to put your foot on the accelerator for the end of 2021!

entrepreneurship leadership Oct 07, 2021

Before we dive into all things video, I wanted to thank those of you who left a thoughtful comment or reaction on my recent LinkedIn post. Everybody was overwhelmingly positive and I am so grateful for the community that surrounds me and rejoices in me being my true self. 

My heart is full and my mind is blown at the impact that one post had on the world!

I’m very excited about the state opening up in the lead up to Christmas here in NSW - it smells like hope in the air and we are looking forward to doing more in person and on site filming as restrictions ease. 

As we step into more freedoms in NSW and across the country, here are 3 ways I can help you make an impact in the last few months of 2021:

  1. Join the waitlist for The Video Accelerator 
    Doors to my signature program open for the last time this year on 2nd November.
    If you’re scared of looking like an idiot on camera but know you need to be creating videos to grow your business this one's for you. Find out more about the program here.
  2. Watch Nailing Virtual 
    Nailing virtual is an important part of business growth, and in this power hour event you'll gain practical knowledge that we've pulled together from the best in the businesses.
    If you’ve got a live stream on your agenda, this is not to be missed!
  3. Book your Studio Production 
    Our studio calendar is filling up FAST - if you’ve got an online course on the horizon or a series of educational videos to create now is the time to book your filming session with us.

I guarantee that if you just take 1 step on your video journey this quarter you won’t regret it. The end of year wind down is the perfect opportunity to sink your teeth into all things video so you can start 2022 strong!

Remember, small screens have a big impact! 
Rebecca x

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