A boring business is a profitable business

entrepreneurship Aug 19, 2021

I’m going to take a stab in the dark and guess that the title of this blog threw you for a loop a little. 

The truth is that this is something I’ve been saying quite a lot lately.

Let me get something straight (before I dive into this big statement!) - I am extraordinarily fortunate to have a business that quite honestly NEVER feels boring for me. 

I love my clients. I love the work. I love the outcomes. I love the challenge!

What I AM saying is that it’s often the unsexy work that contributes most to our growth.

When I say to people that a boring business is a profitable one, what I am in effect trying to do is to get them to strip back all of the ‘la di da’ things that we prioritise over the REAL work and think about the things that really move the needle.

Understand that in uncertain times, the best work you can do is the boring, back end, behind the scenes “boring” work. The work that improves the customer experience. The work that they won’t even thank you for because they never saw you do it.

But it’s the work that if it WASN’T done, they’d likely notice.

Your systems.

Your templates.

Your processes.

THAT is the work that gets you places. Why? Because it frees up your time to invest in your customers and clients because you’re not spending an hour writing a document that could have been a template.

It allows you to disconnect on weekends because you don’t have to do extra hamster-wheel work that could have been streamlined with a process.

Do you see what I’m saying?

Use this time to work on the things that, WHEN you grow, will support you in that growth.

I’m confident that when you invest that time, you’ll find that your business expands in accordance with the work you’ve done and your capacity for clients will increase and fill.

I know that you are genuinely filling a need but if you have been twiddling your thumbs lately, look internally and take it upon yourself to improve your customer experience, your systems and your processes.

Do the boring work and let it reward you in abundance.

You’ve got this,

Rebecca x 


PS. If you want to take a sneak peek at the software and systems I have in place, scroll down to the bottom of my resources page here.

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