How I went live on social for 365 days


Today’s guest is the incredible Samantha Leith. She can be described as the imaginary love child of Bette Midler & Tony Robbins, and so I asked on the show today to talk about confidence and deep dive into her 365 days straight of Facebook Live!

Samantha is personal development done a little bit differently. Bottom line, she's a speaker and a coach, but she brings personal development to people with song!

With the growth that Samantha has undergone herself, she says, "I'm now happy turning up anywhere in any state, knowing that what I have in here (head) and in here (heart) to come out is worth it."

A huge part of her journey of going live on social media 365 days in a row has lead Samatha to place where she says, "Really feeling the impact that you're having on total strangers, because they've just resonated with something that you've said, because you've chosen to stand up and show up as your authentic self." 

Samantha definitely practices what she preaches, speaking about confidence coming from people that really believe in their skills, their attributes, how they show up in the world, all those things, their self worth, their self love, their self efficacy, all those things. Samantha calls this her 'confidence stack' saying, "We learn those, they're all skills."

We asked Samantha what her top tips are for not only going live on social media, but confidence for simply showing up in life!
Tip 1 - If you're showing up in a field, like a physical realm, your pose, your physicality, is probably the most important… I wouldn't have this energy if I was sitting down because my diaphram would be crushed and getting that oxygenation into your chest and into your stomach area is really important for that physiology. 

Tip 2 - Spray some perfume.. it's scientifically proven. You have a little bit of spritz of something and instantly get a bit of... I got it go on.

Tip 3 - Be really clear about the two things you're an expert in… just thinking about something you know without a shadow of a doubt, done deal you've got it - will help you in even the trickiest situation. 

Tip 4 - That eye contact makes me feel more confident, shows a little bit of charisma, because I'm helping you feel more confident about what I'm doing, and it's a connection piece - and as human beings, the more connected we are, the more confident we are. 

Tip 5 - Another thing that you’ve got to do people, you've really gonna do it - is have conversations with strangers. I kid you not… I preface that it's got to be authentic, you know, compliment someone on what they're wearing…. do something and that interaction will again give you the connection piece, but we'll help you feel more confident because you've been able to have that conversation.

Tip 6 - It's also little things to push you out of your comfort zone. Like, it's just little things you could do everyday to get really comfortable in your own skin, which is that confidence piece.

Thank you for listening!

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