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My guest today is the incredible Alecia Hancock. Alecia works in the not-for-profit sector and has made it her mission to ensure these organisations are succeeding across the digital space and social media.

After becoming jaded with the media industry, Alecia decided to pursue her own path by launching Hancock Creative - an international education business for not-for-profits, social enterprises and worked with causes around the world.

In this episode, we discuss the journey Alecia embarked upon when she decided to move out of the corporate world and into the not-for-profit sector. She shares her commitment to purpose over profit and the challenges, roadblocks, strategies and ultimately triumphs along the way.

Covid-19 had a big impact on Hancock Creative, especially as a business based in Perth with the borders closed for the longest time. Alecia discusses how they pivoted their business into the digital and virtual event world which ended up taking their message global.

Alecia shares her advice for people who are where she was - mulling over a change in your business because it no longer lights you up and sparks passion. Always start before you’re ready and keep your desired impact at the forefront of your mind - it’ll help keep the fire going when times get difficult.

If you want to work with Hancock Creative to assist not-for-profit organisations that are purpose-led and are creating real change in the world or are looking for help as a not-for-profit, contact Alecia to find out how she can work with you.

Topics discussed:

[1:46]: Alecia discusses how her business, Hancock Creative, began and how she found her passion in the not-for-profit sector.
[4:56]: Alecia shares the roadblocks she encountered along the journey.
[5:35]: When she first decided to move from corporate to the not-for-profit sector, she brought on a mentor who discussed how she wanted to create the business she desired.
[6:58]: They then launched the Changes The World Event to give not-for-profit (NFP) organisations the opportunity to access experts to help them utilise social media. The business has gone global as a result and created amazing success.
[9:52]: NFPs are the second largest employers in Australia and contribute huge amounts to the Australian GDP every year.
[13:42]: Alecia discusses how her business handled Covid-19 and the extended lockdowns in Perth with the borders closed. They pivoted with digital technology and decided to utilise virtual events to keep servicing their clients.
[16:07]: In 5 weeks, Hancock Creative pulled together a 3 day intensive conference for global NFPs. Alecia shares the classes, free resources and courses they now offer to help and support people.
[19:55]: Alecia discusses how sponsors can help in their mission to help NFPs.
[22:12]: When you educate people you build their capacity to keep going and grow their skills.
[23:36]: Alecia advises you to start before you’re ready, identify what you’re good at and not so good at, bring in mentors and educators, and always keep your impact in mind.
[25:36]: Connect back to your purpose so you know where you’re going and why you’re doing it.
[26:51]: Where to find Alecia and Hancock Creative.

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