'Being more' in life by 'doing less' with leadership strategist Kelly Carthy


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My guest today is the remarkable Kelly Carthy. Kelly is a global embodied-leadership strategist and specialises in her unique InsideOut leadership Model. She has over 20 years of experience working in behavioural change and is dedicated to shifting how people lead in life, in business and in the world. 


In this episode, we’re discussing designing the life you want to live and have greater choices and fewer obligations through ‘being more’ in life by ‘doing less’. 


Kelly explores how InsideOut leadership helps leaders to no longer be governed by the outside world and use microshifts every day so you can uplevel your perspective. The power of meditation can be incorporated into each day, even for one minute, to tune into yourself, listen to your thoughts and increase your self awareness. 


Kelly holds amazing immersive retreats both online and in person that transform global leaders into living a life that is authentic and purpose-driven. 


I’m so grateful to have Kelly on the show to share her inspiring advice and experiences. We can’t get stuck waiting for ‘some day’, otherwise we’ll wish our lives away. We can do tiny little things every day that bring us back to our purpose.

Topics discussed:

[2:00]: Kelly explains inside out leadership and how she helps leaders. Kelly creates immersive experiences with her clients and coaches through meditative processes. 

[3:36]: Kelly flipped her life to no longer be governed by the outside world. 

[5:57]: Kelly explains how micro shifts worked into every day can have a monumental impact. 

[7:33]: One minute of meditation is one minute of space you didn’t have before. 

[8:56]: Meditation involves tuning into yourself. A fear of sitting still and doing nothing often blocks people from starting. 

[10:03]: When you’re breathing and allowing thoughts, you become more aware of your mind. 

[12:06]: Kelly explores the immersive retreats she holds with her clients, both in person and online. 

[14:38]: Kelly shares a story of one of her clients during one of her immersive retreats. You can’t plan for everything and Kelly has so much respect for fate. 

[18:05]: Kelly has developed more understanding of the grieving process and the importance of leaving a legacy. Legacy is how you live. 

[18:45]: If we’re waiting for ‘some day’, we’re wishing our lives away. We can do tiny little things every day that bring us back to our sense of purpose. 

[21:00]: Where to find and work with Kelly. 

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