10 Seconds of Courage


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What challenge would you overcome today if all it took was 10 seconds of courage?

My guest today is Nadine Champion, international speaker, mindset coach and martial artist with over 35 years of experience. She is a courage creator and resilience master and her mission is to help individuals and organisations change their thinking to reach their highest potential.

In 2015 Nadine gave a TEDx Sydney talk called “10 Seconds of Courage”, which eventually led to her writing a book of the same name. In this episode, we dive into this topic and why we must take short bursts of courage to not get stuck in our comfort zone.

Nadine shares her journey climbing out of the rubble after her kickboxing career was cut short due to a cancer diagnosis. Out of desperation to not give up on herself, Nadine shares how she took courage by focusing on mindset, mental and morning routine. 

As a mindset coach, Nadine is a huge advocate for meditation. I have personally found meditation a real challenge, and we talk about having resilience to keep going because our inner world creates our outer world. 

Not every decision is going to be a life changing one but there are little moments of courage we can take every day which will contribute to massive action. 

This conversation hit home on so many levels and I know you’re going to get so much out of it.

Topics discussed:

[2:20]: Nadine gave a TEDx Sydney talk called “10 seconds of courage” in 2015 which led to her book of the same name. It was her first public speaking engagement.

[4:00]: Nadine shares the story behind saying yes to the TEDx talk invitation. Her kickboxing career had been cut short due to a cancer diagnosis but she said yes anyway because she didn’t want to give up on herself. 

[7:45]: Everything is about practise - Nadine talks about the 3 M’s: mindset, mental and morning routine. 

[10:10]: We’re all afraid of different things. It’s not necessarily about tackling the huge problems, but facing the little things with courage that can make a big difference. How could you be 1% braver today?

[12:45]: Nadine’s teacher taught her about little bursts of courage. The idea of 10 seconds of courage is to not stay in your comfort zone and get stuck in our natural hesitation. 

[15:50]: No matter how big the obstacle, it always takes 10 seconds of courage to start, then 10 minutes/days/years to keep going 

[17:00]: Your inner world creates your outer world. Being sick was a good catalyst for what mattered to Nadine, which is what helped her spend $30k in 2019 on traveling. 

[19:00]: A lot of people’s value systems have changed since the pandemic. Nadine likens this time to the middle rounds in a title fight when you’re exhausted and need to create strategy. We need to expect these challenges.  

[21:30]: Your thoughts are like a freeway and you’re standing on the side watching the trucks. Meditation creates distance between you and your thoughts to let those thoughts go by, not identify yourself with them. 

[24:00]: There is always resistance to meditation but if you don’t push through, nothing changes. Nadine talks about the importance of mentors and having people in your corner. 

[26:30]: Where to find Nadine

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