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I love community. I love bringing people together and seeing other business owners collaborate, connect and support each other. It’s what I’m all about, but I know that some people still struggle with the idea of competition. So today I’m talking about community over competition and why this mindset is an absolute superpower. 


I live in a small rural town and the joy of the community feel is a truly wonderful thing. In this episode, I’m having a conversation around building community and how it’s become somewhat of a lost art. I talk about why we need to be intentional about looking outward and supporting each other, not driven by a fear of lack. There are always more than enough projects and money to go around! 


When I first started my business, I said yes to everything. After a while, I realised that there were certain projects I didn’t want to do so I niched down to focus on what truly lights me up. Now, I am continually referring business to other people, never in fear that I’ll run out of projects. It’s this mindset of collaboration, connection and support that we as business owners need to have. 


Ponder on how you are showing up in your community. How are you supporting others around you and building up a network of likeminded people? Do you promote other businesses and help them thrive? Or do you say yes to every project, fearing that clients may not come back to you?


Whatever industry you’re in, I know that when you hold a mindset of community over competition, good things will flow back to you tenfold. So today, think about how you can be more intentional about building community. When you do business this way, there is no end to the joy, connection and support you will attract.


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