Bouncing back from discombobulation!


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Today's episode is for everyone who can get stuck feeling discombobulated and it then derails their entire day, week or year. Now, I absolutely love the word discombobulated. I try to work it into so many conversations because I just love the way it sounds but what does it mean? Discombobulated is when you’re a little bit confused, a little bit disconcerted, don’t know whether you're coming or going, and are generally feeling like a little bit of a mess. 

Right now I’m recording this in the midst of our renovation on our beautiful heritage listed house where I don’t currently have a dedicated workspace so I’m shifting around the space each day to get all of my work done. So I don’t have my amazing camera set up with my bright background or my professional podcast microphone or headphones and everything feels like a bit of a mess. It would be so easy to let it utterly derail me and not record content until everything has settled down and I’m perfectly organised again but I’m not going to let that happen. 

It’s all about mindset and this year is all about doing everything with ease and grace. So I’m going to plan for the things I have control over and schedule everything when I have the space to do it. I try not to worry or stress about the things that I can’t do anything about. 

There is always a way of working it around and take a moment to consider, “How can I solve it?” or rejigging your work week to fit around what’s throwing it out of whack. 

I know we don’t have the time or energy to feel discombobulated in our lives or businesses so in this episode I’m sharing with you my strategy to refocus, restructure and get back on track to get everything done and find joy every day.


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