Step-by-step online training to plan, film, edit, upload and optimise professional DIY video to make an impact online with your personal or business brand.


Inside The Vlog School you'll learn how to...












Imagine how different things would be if you were more visible and more well-known for your expertise than your competitors...

You can elect to wait to start planning your video strategy and creating video content another few months, or you can get your plan started today and roll the cameras. Every day you delay getting your video strategy in play is another day where you’re allowing your competitors to get further in front of you.


My mission is to put video production tools and training into the hands of every business who cannot outsource or is not ready to do so.


Have you ever wanted to get quality video done but the budget just doesn't allow for it?

Budgetary constraints mean that a business can’t always outsource but typically you have to hire in house specifically for that role as it's a technical one. Our course allows you to only learn what is important and we provide the knowledge and processes to be able to do it so that video can always be produced with the staff at hand and on a budget.

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Hi, I'm Rebecca

I am a video strategist, entrepreneur, film producer, studio guardian and an alopecian. Back in 2012 I arrived in Australia with nothing more than my passport, $500 and a dream. I pursued curiosity, followed my passions and have built the business and life of my dreams. Today I’m the founder of 3 businesses: Deli Agency, The Vlog School + Pyrmont Studio; am considered one of Australia’s leading video strategists and have produced an independent, self-funded Australian feature film Reaching Distance.

Is The Vlog School right for me?

Who it's for

Business owners, marketers, keynote speakers, and thought leaders who are:

  • Action-takers
  • Time poor
  • Lacking the knowledge but have the desire (+ need) to make quality video
  • Wanting to be able to produce polished video easily
  • Ready to become camera confident

Who it's NOT for

  • Course collectors (people who let courses pile up with dust)
  • Companies who outsource
  • People who are not "coachable". Those that have all the answers and aren't willing to put themselves out there and try something new 
  • Wanting to learn how to film video on their iPhone


Starting video, not understanding the process and hitting a roadblock only to never pick it up again.


We know all the roadblocks and provide all of the solutions, workarounds and know-how to get you through.


Fear of being on camera and not knowing what to say


We have a section dedicated to camera confidence and planning so you never have to fear being in front of the lens.


No time to do this.


As with anything this does require time but we’ve distilled the process down to 30minutes a week (6 minutes a day) with videos, templates and guides so all you have to do is fill in the blanks and get going!


Upon completing The Vlog School you will:

  • Have the skills to create future video content plans
  • know how to use filming and lighting equipment
  • write scripts for a teleprompter
  • know how to use Premiere Pro video editing software
  • know how to optimise for social as well as caption videos
  • know everything you need to know to create video content that you can use and repurpose across multiple platforms.

Now you can get the market cut-through you’d like, increase your volume of speaking gigs, secure more workshop bookings and consistently publish video content. The sky is the limit!



What's Included.

8 Modules

The pre-recorded modules are designed for you to work through at your own pace to get the result you need. 

Written + Video Content

I have for you a mixed modality to appeal to different learning styles. Videos to show you exactly how to do the things you need to do and written materials for shortcut checklists that you can use again and again. 

Downloadable Tools & Templates

Resources to help your with quick handy guides.

Private Facebook Group

Private Facebook Group to give you community + support and ask questions. 

Access to SOS Calls

Access to book 30 + 60 minute one-on-one Zoom sessions with Rebecca + her team if you need it throughout the course for an additional cost.


The Vlog School Opens In...









Still have questions?

Here are some common ones that people ask before joining The Vlog School. 

What some of our graduates are saying...

Working through The Vlog School has saved me hours and put me on the right track for making video. It’s given me a roadmap to deliver good video content, which is what our clients are looking for and expecting. I know that if I get stuck at any point along the way, the support I need is at my fingertips. I couldn’t recommend the course highly enough. It’s quite simply saved us a fortune in both time and money.

Jason Garner (LBD Group)

The Vlog School brings together three professionals - an expert video strategist, a film director and a professional videographer and editor - who know how to explain everything in the process in the simplest of terms. I’m so pleased I went into this process with the insights and tips from The Vlog School. It has made our process significantly easier than anticipated.

Mel Telecican (Loyalest)


Helping business owners create professional DIY video at home.

Say yes to learning how to create impactful video content for your business or your brand. 

More than just an online course, The Vlog School is content & resource-rich to ensure that you get expert training in everything you need to plan, film, edit + share impactful DIY videos online.

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Ready to create video with impact?

Over 10 years in the video industry, Rebecca Saunders has worked with hundreds of business owners, large organisations, governments and not-for-profits to create impactful online video.

The Vlog School is presented by Rebecca and her production crew who simplify and share their production secrets to deliver you a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to creating impactful video content even if you are a complete video amateur.

For the first time ever you can now watch, listen and act on the insights and advice from people who bring video content to life every day. Te time to get started in video was yesterday. Register for The Vlog School today and take video content off your to-do list!