Step-by-step online training to plan, film, edit, upload and optimise video to boost your personal or business brand.


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Too many people start creating video content only to learn along the way that they could have achieved better results had they known more of the tips and tricks earlier on. Others get started but never get their videos out into the world because they run into problems they never saw coming… 

What is missing from most video training is the experience and expertise across all of the elements video content development. If you are looking to D.I.Y. your video content, you need training that brings together specialists in strategy, planning, filming and audio from the people who can explain everything you need to know, in easy-to-follow language.


Business Owner


Keynote Speaker

Thought Leader

Individual who wants to produce video content in-house


Not getting the market cut-through you’d like

Looking to increase your volume of speaking gigs

Wanting to secure more workshop bookings

Ready to start consistently publishing video content

Wanting to put out high-quality video content

Want to get your video content under way; or

Need to setup your video the right way from the start…


The Vlog School will guide you through:

How to feel comfortable on camera
How to ensure you appear authentic on camera
How to light your space effectively to get high quality video
How to ensure high quality audio
How to plan for consistent video content publishing
How to make sure your video quality appears professional
How to avoid all the common video content planning, filming and post-production mistakes

Does this sound like you?

I’m not confident about being on camera….

If the thought of being on camera is daunting, consider the result of not taking action. Will it be the way you looked or sounded on camera that stopped you from winning business or will it have been the inaction of not making yourself or your business, more visible?


I have no time. Where will I fit this in?

Video isn’t going anywhere. In fact, search engines like Google are prioritising video content over text so the need to swiftly move into video is more significant than ever. The Vlog School course takes about 30 minutes of your time per week. That equates to only 6 minutes per day. Totally do-able for anyone who understands the immense impact of video now and in the near future.


I’m in charge of marketing. Shouldn’t I be able to project manage this myself?

If you are an experienced marketer you may feel like you should already know how to bring this project together. Being aware of how to unpack the strategy along with learning everything you need to know about 

If you’re feeling that way, consider how long that will take. Why go it alone when you can learn directly from people who do this work every day and fast-track your own success?

Video is undoubtedly the number one content marketing strategy for the 2020’s. If you think of the people who are achieving the biggest success in terms of personal brand, what is the medium you know them for? Chances are, it’s video.


Regardless of whether you love or loathe them, Gary Vaynerchuk and Marie Forleo each use video as their number one tool for optimal market reach. Video enables more of a connection with their audiences because it is multi-sensory. Viewers develop a connection with them because through video there is a clear sense of who they are and what they are knowledgeable about. Video enables their messages to be delivered with body-language, tone and emotion that creates a connection that just cannot be achieved with any other medium en masse.

Their prolific use of video is what sells them as professional speakers.

Their prolific use of video is what sells their programs and their services.

Their prolific use of video is what has them now more successful than their competitors.


While you may not wish to be like Marie Forleo or Gary Vee, there is no mistaking that their consistent use of this medium is what has complemented their meteoric rise.

But what is important in all of this is their consistency. They are regularly publishing content and if you follow them, you’re likely to know when to expect their next piece of video content. 

To get yourself into a position where you can publish video content consistently, planning is key. 


Imagine having all of your planning being able to be put into one day of filming that creates twelve months of video content?  That’s what Vlog School students do! 


After working through the Vlog School modules they now have content that they have been able to use on their website, on YouTube, in email campaigns, on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. And what is even more important? They have created video content they are proud of. It looks professional, authentic and they have created it all themselves following the Vlog School process.

You can elect to wait to start planning your video strategy another few months, or you can get your plan started today….

Every day you delay getting your video strategy in play is another day where you’re allowing your competitors to get further in front of you.

Imagine how different things would be if you were more visible and more well-known for your expertise than your competitors...

Ready to take your video to the next level?

"Working through The Vlog School has saved me hours and put me on the right track for making video. It's given me a roadmap to deliver good video content, which is what our clients are looking for and expecting. I know that if I get stuck at any point along the way, the support I need is at my finger tips. I couldn't recommend the course highly enough. It's quite simply saved us a fortune in both time and money."

Jason Garner
LBD Group

Ready to take your video to the next level?


Vlog School is designed for you to complete over nine weeks. From start to finish you will have access for one wholey ear. If you wish to extend your membership to Vlog School, you can continue to pay monthly or annually to suit your needs.



MODULE 1- Everything you should know before getting started with video

MODULE 2- Equipment - amateur to pro and everything in between

MODULE 3 - Planning and scripting - everything to get you to filming day

MODULE 4- Presenting - how to present on camera like a pro

MODULE 5 - Film your videos like a pro - tips for cameras, framing, lighting and audio

MODULE 6 - Editing your footage like a pro - music, visuals, sound effects, everything!

MODULE 7- How make your video content work hard for you

MODULE 8 - How to upload videos across platforms

MODULE 9 - Optimising video for YouTube

Plus 10 lessons of bonus content to help you not miss a trick and produce video content you are proud of!

"The Vlog School brings together three professionals - an expert video strategist, a film director and a professional videographer and editor - who know how to explain everything in the process in the simplest of terms. I’m so pleased I went into this process with the insights and tips from the Vlog School. It has made our process significantly easier than anticipated."

Mel Telecican

Upon completing Vlog School you will:

  • Have the skills to create future video content plans
  • Know how to use filming and lighting equipment for best results
  • Create a script for a teleprompter
  • Know how to use Premiere Pro video editing software
  • Setup your YouTube account correctly
  • Know how to name, tag and categorise videos and optimised for search
  • Determine ROI (return on investment) of your video content
  • Know how to create video files suitable for Instagram and Facebook
  • Learn how to create video captions
  • No longer be daunted about video content production
  • Learn how to avoid the common video production mistakes; and
  • Know everything you need to know to create video content that you can use and repurpose across multiple platforms



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8 Modules

Written + Video Content

Downloadable Tools + Templates

Private Facebook Group to give you community + support

6x weeks of Live Q&A's

Access to book 30 + 60 minute one-on-one Zoom sessions with Rebecca + her team if you need it throughout the course for an additional cost.

12 months access.

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12-monthly payments



8 Modules

Written + Video Content

Downloadable Tools + Templates

Private Facebook Group to give you community + support

6x weeks of Live Q&A's

Access to book 30 + 60 minute one-on-one Zoom sessions with Rebecca + her team if you need it throughout the course for an additional cost.

12 months access.

Join Now.

No previous experience is necessary - we’ll take you through everything.

If at any point you get stuck, use the community or ask a question in our closed Facebook group. Or, if you need my head or the expert help of any of my production team simply book a one-on-one virtual help session.

It depends on how driven you are and the priority level you assign to your positioning and creating new leads.  All content is available from day one, and you have 12 months access.

It depends on how driven you are and the priority level you assign to your positioning and creating new leads.  All content is available from day one, and you have 12 months access.

Rebecca Saunders is the Managing Director of the Deli Agency, a highly sought after video strategy and production agency in Sydney, Australia. Rebecca and her team work with global brands like Zoom and LinkedIn, through to local councils as well as well-known thought leaders like Paula Kensington, Janine Garner and Gabrielle Dolan.


The Vlog School is presented by Rebecca Saunders and she is joined by tv, film and video expert David Fairhurst and video and editing specialist Ali Nooriafshar, to deliver you a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to creating impactful video content even if you are a complete video amateur.


For the first time ever you can now watch, listen and act on the insights and advice from people who bring video content to life every day. The time to get started in video was yesterday. Join Vlog School and take video content off your to do list!