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I LOVE video!

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Your success is my priority.
Good video content can increase both engagement and conversion by up to 80%. With stats like that it's total madness to attempt video production unguided!

I work with people who want to build their business and / or personal brand by utilising and leveraging strategic video content integrated into their wider digital, communication and marketing strategies.

"If video is something that is becoming increasingly important for you as an organisation to drive growth, to drive sales and drive cut through, then I would not look any further than Rebecca and her team. She’s the go to person for anyone wanting to create awesome videos that drive, cut through and generate business growth."

Janine Garner
Networking Expert + Author

2020 Showreel.



Taking virtual webinars + presentations to the next level.

If you're a speaker, facilitator or trainer that wants to up their level of content delivery, to really drive impact and have an engaged audience Dynamic Presentations are for you.

  • Pyrmont Studio as your 'stage'
  • Fibre Internet Connection
  • 3x Camera Angles
  • Integrated PowerPoint Slides
  • Graphic, Video + Photo Integration
  • Flip charts + white board available
  • Branded studio space unique to you
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