5 Must-Haves For Setting Up Your DIY Video Studio

 Everything you need to know about cameras, tripods, microphones, lighting + teleprompters to get you looking professional and polished on camera without blowing budget!

What you'll get:

✔️ Video equipment recommendations to suit your budget (big or small!)

✔️ Pictures + descriptions of all recommendations so you have product
+ model numbers to shop online

✔️ Access to the equipment I use each and everyday during my camera training
and professional video production.

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I'm Rebecca Saunders

I believe that making videos should be easy - and so I make it that way!

As a video expert I work with business leaders, course creators and speakers to ensure they make their impact on the world through video.

Everything I teach, create and offer has been designed to save you time, save you money and remove the stress.

There’s no doubt that we’re living in an increasingly competitive and somewhat unpredictable world, but now more than ever is the time to be real, to be authentic and to build genuine experience and emotional connection with both brand and message through video.

I build brands with BIG visual impact - are you ready to make one?