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Retained Strategy + Producer Services.

I regularly consult to PR, Communication, Digital and Marketing Agencies wanting to grow their video footprint, deepen their video production knowledge and create visually impactful content for their clients.

Working with me in this capacity is great for you if:

  • you understand that adding video production to your service offering will drive growth for you and your clients,
  • you are facing increasingly challenging conversations about video content internally or with your client(s) and need a helping hand navigating video opportunities and production processes,
  • you have multiple clients / projects that could benefit from video content and you need to start the conversation,
  • you want a video expert on hand to manage client and stakeholder expectations from video conception to realisation.

To get a feel for my approach and discover whether you want to work with me, book an introductory call.

Book an introductory call with me.

Internal Production Capability Building.

In a nutshell I build, implement and oversee internal video production teams for organisations – creating and executing strategy, resources and production processes.

Working with me in this capacity is for you if:

  • your organisation is trying to bring video production capabilities in house,
  • you lack internal systems and processes to manage internal video production services,
  • you have an existing videographer(s) in your team and want to build out your capabilities.